2022 Father Daughter Modified Scotch Tournament

Charter Oak Country Club | Hudson, MA | August 4, 2022


The Rules of Golf, Mass Golf Hard Card, and Terms of Competitions for Mass Golf Championships govern all play except as modified by the following local rules:


Scorecard: The Charter Oak scorecard is unofficial and has no status.


Format: 18 Holes Stroke Play. The format will be a modified scotch (Selected Drive Alternate Shot). Each team member will hit a tee shot after which the better of the two balls will be played into the hole in alternate shot format. Please remember that penalty strokes DO NOT affect the order of play. For example: Player A hits his ball into a penalty area. Player B would drop a ball as prescribed under 17.1d and play the next stroke.


Tees:   Play for Fathers in all divisions will be from the BLACK Charter Oak Tee Markers.

            Play for Daughters in the Championship Division will be from the BLUE Mass Golf Tee Markers.

            Play for Daughters in the Forward Division will be from the RED Mass Golf Tee Markers


Out of Bounds: Defined by the inside edge at ground level of all white stakes, white lines, boundary fence posts and roads.

Hole #2 - Left (fence)

Hole #3 - Right (paved road)

Hole #6 - Left

Hole #8 - Left

Hole #10 - Right (paved road)

Hole #16 - Left

Hole #17 - Left (paved road)

Hole #18 - Left (paved road)


Penalty Areas: Defined by red or yellow lines. In the absence of a line, the stakes define the edge of the penalty area.

Hole #1 - Left & crossing

Hole #2 - Crossing

Hole #3 - Behind green                                             

Hole #4 - Left, right & crossing             

Hole #5 - Left & behind green                                                      

Hole #6 - Right, crossing, left of & behind green

Hole #7 - Left, crossing & pond                              

Hole #8 - Crossing & right   

Hole #9 - Right & behind green***                            

Hole #10 - Left & behind green

Hole #11 - Left & behind green

Hole #12 - Left

Hole #14 - Right

Hole #15 - Left & right

Hole #17 - Pond


***Hole #9 - As an additional relief option for the penalty area behind the green, a player may use the nearest of the two (2) drop zones provided.


Abnormal Course ConditionsAll cart paths (paved or unpaved), roads (paved or unpaved), their immediate extensions/adjacent worn areas, white lined areas tying into cart paths. Relief may be taken under Rule 16.1.


Ground Under Repair: Defined by any area encircled by blue stakes.

  • Hole #18: The area defined by blue stakes behind the putting green of #18 is a no play zone that is to be treated as an abnormal course condition. Free relief must be taken from interference by the no play zone under Rule 16.1f.


Integral Parts of the Golf Course: All stonewalls and rock outcroppings are integral, relief without penalty is NOT permitted.


Pace of Play:  Pace for this round is 4 hours and 30 minutes. Please ensure that you are keeping within one hole of the group in front of you and within the time par printed on your scorecard.



Mass Golf Staff-in-Charge: Kyle Sherman (774) 430-9014