18th Vicki DiSantis Junior Girls' Championship

Players Exempt from Qualifying




1.  Top 25 from 2022 Vicki DiSantis Junior Girls’ Championship

Adrian Anderson, Heather Appelson, Maya Beasley, Katherine Brictson, Sanaa Carter, Leah Edwards, Kennedy Gooding, Riley Grimm, Anna Howerton, Caroline Johnson, Morgan Ketchum, Mary-Paige King, Sahana Mantha, Emily Mathews, Kasey McIlvaine, Madison Messimer, Macy Pate, Olivia Pellerin, Justine Pennycooke, Ella Perna, Isabella Rawl, Karsyn Roberts, Elizabeth Rudisill, Bridget Wilkie, and Hallie Wilson


2.  Top 15 from 2022 Carolinas Junior Girls’ Championship

Heather Appelson, Kiera Bartholomew, Katherine Brictson, Emerson B. Dever, Mia Gray, Caroline Hawkins, Julia Herzberg, Morgan Ketchum, Jenna Kim, Emily Mathews, Madison Messimer, Olivia Pellerin, Ella Perna, Ella Stalvey, and Ellen Yu


3.  Top 15 from 2022 Twin States Junior Girls’ Championship

Ellie Acrey, Katherine Brictson, Eleanor Burnette, Annalee Caveney, Katherine Dann, Leah Edwards, Jillian Fatkin, Mia Gray, Caroline Hawkins, Ellie Hildreth, Katherine Mann, Olivia Pellerin, Taylor Reaves, Olivia Roberts, Jenna Rutledge, Savannah Sansom, Kinsley Smith, Ella Stalvey, Lily Kate Watson, and Hallie Wilson


4.  Quarterfinalists from 2022 NC Junior Girls’ Championship

Heather Appelson, Ellie Hildreth, Leah Edwards, Nicole Nash, Justine Pennycooke, Ella Perna, Saia Rampersaud, and Karsyn Roberts


5.  Quarterfinalists from 2022 CGA SC Junior Girls’ Match Play

Emily Davis, Grace Lindsey, Katherine Mann, Aubrey Merryman, Makenzie Norwood, Braelyn Oliver, Maddie Peake, and Akiera Sanchez


6.  Top 6 from 2022 CGA Dogwood State Junior Girls’ Championship

Ellie Acrey, Eleanor Burnette, Kasey McIlvaine, Ella Perna, Gracie Song, and Hallie Wilson


7.  Top 4 from 2022 Carolinas Girls’ 15 & Under Championship

Alicia Fang, Claire Green, Rachel Joyce, and Hallie Wilson


8.  Top 6 from 2022 CPGA Junior Girls’ Championship

Katherine Brictson, Anna Howerton, Emily Mathews, Nicole Nash, Grace Ridenour, and Elizabeth Rudisill


9. Top 4 from 2022 CPGA Charles Tilghman Championship

Mia Andrade, Teryn Dalton, Ella June Hannant, and Bethany Welch


10. Top 3 from 2022 TYGA Tournament of Champions

Sanaa Carter, Xinyan Li, and Paige Sidney


11. Top 6 from 2022 Jimmy Anderson Girls’ Invitational

Julie Herzberg, Anna Howerton, Rachel Joyce, Jenna Kim, Saia Rampersaud, Karsyn Roberts, and Hallie Wilson


12. Top 8 from 2022 SCJGA Beth Daniel Junior Azalea

Kiera Bartholomew, Katherine Brictson, Anne Fernandez, Ellie Hildreth, Sahana Mantha, Madison Messimer, Macy Pate, and Elizabeth Rudisill


13. Top 8 from 2022 SCJGA Blade Junior Classic

Anne Fernandez, Abby Franks, Mia Gray, Claire Green, Caroline Hawkins, Grace Lindsey, Olivia Pellerin, and Ivy Schulze


14. Top 8 from 2022 SCJGA Fall Challenge

Mia Andrade, Ella Kate Barnett, Lilly Reed Black, Claire Green, Olivia Ireland, Aubrey Merryman, Peyton O'Brien, Olivia Roberts, and Robbin Zetrouer


15. Top 3 from 2022 SCJGA Caddie Classic

Emily Baker, Madison Dixon, and Robbin Zetrouer


16. Top 6 from 2022 WSCGA Junior Girls’ Championship

Mia Gray, Caroline Hawkins, Cara Hilburn, Olivia Ireland, Madison Messimer, and Olivia Pellerin


17. Top 10 from 2022 PKBGT Invitational

Riley Grimm, Ellie Hildreth, Anna Howerton, Alexsandra Lappel, Sophie Lauture, Macy Pate, and Ellen Yu


18. Top 10 from 2022 PKBGT Regional Tournament of Champions

Sanaa Carter, Mary Earhart, Rachel Joyce, Xinyan Li, Savannah Sansom, Kelsey Sciacca, and Cailynn Winford


19. Top 8 from 2022 Hope Valley Junior Invitational

Emerson B. Dever, Nicole Nash, Macy Pate, Ella Perna, and Saia Rampersaud


20. 2022 TYGA/PKBGT North State High School Challenge Medalist

Emerson B. Dever


21. 2022 WSCGA High School Invitational Medalist

Ella Stalvey


22. Any TYGA Two-Day Overall Champion from May 8, 2022 to April 30, 2023.

Sanaa Carter, Meghan Christensen, Catherine DeSiena, Xinyan Li, Nicole Nash, Peyton Nichols, Chloe Scofield, Boonyanant Rujiranan, Lily Kate Watson, Madi Wallace, and McKenna Williams


23. Players ranked in the top 50 of the February Carolinas Junior Girls’ Rankings

Heather Appelson, Kiera Bartholomew, Maya Beasley, Katherine Brictson, Ansley Bryson, Eleanor Burnette, Sanaa Carter, Annalee Caveney, Emerson B. Dever, Leah Edwards, Alicia Fang, Anne Fernandez, Abby Franks, Garland Gould, Mia Gray, Claire Green, Riley Grimm, Ella June Hannant, Caroline Hawkins, Julia Herzberg, Ellie Hildreth, Anna Howerton, Olivia Ireland, Caroline Johnson, Rachel Joyce, Jenna Kim, Mary-Paige King, Alexsandra Lapple, Grace Lindsey, Sahana Mantha, Emily Mathews, Kasey McIlvaine, Madison Messimer, Nicole Nash, Macy Pate, Olivia Pellerin, Justine Pennycooke, Camilah Porras, Saia Rampersaud, Grace Ridenour, Karsyn Roberts, Olivia Roberts, Elizabeth Rudisill, Ivy Schulze, Kinsley Smith, Ella Stalvey, Lily Kate Watson, Bridget Wilkie, Hallie Wilson, and Ellen Yu