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The Rhode Island Golf Association is an association of Member Clubs. Individual members of a member club have the ability to join the RIGA and be eligible to participate in RIGA events. The RIGA conducts championships for Men and Women for higher level golfers and Weekly events that are intended to be more social.

There are different methods available to join the RIGA:

1) The following clubs will be auto billing their members, therefore you will NOT have to go online and register: Foster CC, Ledgemont CC, Lincoln CC, Pawtucket CC, Point Judith CC, Potowomut GC, Quidnessett CC, Shelter Harbor GC, Swansea CC, and Valley CC.

2) The following clubs include the RIGA Member Program in your Club Dues: Amateur Golf Tour New England, Alpine CC, Agawam Hunt, The Aquidneck Club, Beaver River GC, Button Hole GC, Cranston CC, Fenner Hill GC, Jamestown GC, Kirkbrae CC, LPGA Amateur GA-RI, Rhode Island CC, USGA/RI GC and Wannamoisett CC.

3) All other RIGA Member Clubs will be able to register online OR you will receive a RIGA card in the mail or pick up a card at your Club Pro Shop, that you can fill out and send back to the RIGA with a check.


The Rhode Island Golf Association is a non-profit orga­nization of private and public clubs and courses dedicated to the service of golf in Rhode Island. Founded in 1902, our primary mission is to promote and preserve the traditions of the game of golf in the State of Rhode Island.

There were ten founding member clubs. They include Agawam Hunt, Choppequonset GC, Long Meadow GC, Melrose GC, Mianatuck GC, The Misquamicut Club, Newport CC, Pawtucket CC, Quinnobequin GC and Wannamoisett CC. Of the original ten, five are still active in the Association. The RIGA is now comprised of 54 member clubs. The Association is operated by an Executive Committee and Operating Committee. The day to day operations are managed by an Executive Director and his staff.

In 2013, the RIGA took another step to advance its mission by merging with the Rhode Island Women’s Golf Association. The merger provided the opportunity for the RIGA to serve all golfers in Rhode Island, regardless of gender.

For the 2023 season, the RIGA will conduct over 20 men’s and women’s major championships and over 50 Weekly Play dates.

Also, as the state representative of the United States Golf Association (USGA), the RIGA conducts local qualifying for both the USGA Amateur and Open Championships. Also in accordance with the USGA, the RIGA acts as the local authority on the Rules of Golf, and maintains a course rating and handicap system for member clubs.


HANDICAPPING- Almost 13,000 Rhode Island golfers are served through the USGA’s Golf Handicap and Information Network (GHIN). With over 2 million golfers receiving handicaps, GHIN is the largest provider in the world. The RIGA provides the GHIN software, which includes a comprehensive tournament pairings program, the installation of the software, and any necessary training, as a complimentary service to our RIGA member clubs.

COURSE RATING - As part of our member services, the RIGA rates Member Club courses in accordance with the USGA Course and Slope Rating System. The USGA requires that all new golf courses be rated every three years for a period of nine years and then every seven to ten years thereafter.

RULES OF GOLF - The RIGA plays an important part in the Rules of Golf by being the official liaison between the ultimate authority on the Rules, the USGA, and the clubs. During the course of the year, the RIGA answers numerous phone inquiries regarding the Rules. As an additional member service, the RIGA will go to a member club and conduct a Rules seminar for its members for their everyday play.

COMMUNICATION - Through our website,, we are able to inform our members as to what is happening in the Rhode Island golfing community and beyond. Schedule, results, general golf news and features are posted on our social media channels and on

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