Logan River Golf Course
May 23, 2023




All entries for qualifying and exempt players must be received at the UGA office no later than 4:00 pm MST on May 12th.



Players may compete at any qualifying site of their choice; registration is on a first come first serve basis. Please note that all qualifying sites are limited to the first 84 players, if a player’s desired site is full he may choose to be placed on the waitlist (determined in registration date order) or he may register for another site on a space available basis. Players will not be placed on a waitlist if they are currently active in another qualifying field. Players May only sign up for one qualifier (Exception: Last Chance Qualifier).  Waitlists may be capped.



A total of 156 players will advance to the finals. The number of qualifying spots at each site will be determined by percentage, each field's percentage will be the same. There will be playoffs immediately following play at each site to determine the final qualifying spots and alternates for the Championship.  Players must be present, ties will not be taken.*

*The UGA reserves the right to extend the field at any time.



Two alternates will be determined from each qualifying location.  Alternate order will be determined by 1) the playoff for the final spot, or 2) a playoff for the two alternate positions. If the alternates are not present for the playoff they will be determined by lot. 

How alternates will advance to the Championship:


1)  If a player qualifies for the State Amateur and subsequently withdraws the next available alternate from that players qualifying location will be selected.  If the two alternates from the players qualifying location are unavailable or have already been placed in the field the next available alternate on the championship allocation will be selected.


2)  In the case that an exempt player withdraws from the championship the first available alternate from the championship allocation schedule will be selected.



If a player withdraws prior to the registration deadline (May 12th at 4:00pm) the player will receive a refund minus a $20 cancelation fee.  After the deadline, the player will receive a 50% refund.  No refunds will be issued if a player withdraws/no-shows on the day of the event. A business day starts at 12:01 am of that day.  In team competitions, if a player needs a substitute for his original partner after the field has closed; he must arrange to get the substitute. Any substitute must meet all eligibility requirements of the specified competition. The UGA must be notified of any substitutions prior to the start of the tournament.