Professionals eligible to compete in KPGA competitions must fall within the scope of the following eligibility requirements as of the entry deadline posted on each entry form.


  1. A Member in good standing of the KPGA.


  1. A registered PGA Associate in good standing in the KPGA. This individual must have passed all pre-qualifying requirements and has reached Level 1 stage toward membership in the PGA of America.


  1. Eligibly employed in an active PGA classification in the KPGA within 30 days of the deadline posted on the application form of that tournament or be a PGA Life Member-Retired or PGA Life Member-Active.


  1. A Kentucky resident professional (granted invitation to compete in certain KPGA competitions, i.e. the Kentucky Open Championship & Kentucky Senior Open).


  1. Inactive and Class "F" members are ineligible to compete in KPGA competitions.


  1. In KPGA Supported Tournaments, the host professional may extend a limited number of invitations to Non-KPGA Members.


  1. Amateurs shall be required to have an active Handicap Index at a Kentucky Golf Association Member Club at the time of entry.  The effective revision date used for a player’s Handicap Index shall be the current posted revision date the day before the event.


  1. Individuals who have petitioned and are waiting to regain their amateur status through the United States Golf Association are not eligible to register and compete in Kentucky Section PGA Sanctioned events.  Exception: An individual may register and compete as an (AR – Amateur Awaiting Reinstatement) in the Kentucky Open.  They must waive their right to any prize money offered and must not accept any prize reserved for an amateur golfer.


  1. KPGA members and associates are responsible for the eligibility of his/her team members.  If a team competes in a sanctioned event with an ineligible amateur, that team will be disqualified from the competition.


  1. The KPGA Tournament Committee reserves the right to extend a playing invitation for Pro-Amateur events to sponsor representatives of the specific KPGA Sanctioned Tournament of which they are affiliated.  Sponsor representatives must meet the eligibility requirements that include having an active Handicap Index and meet the USGA definition of an amateur golfer.


  1. Entries are subject to approval or rejection, with or without reason, at any time at the discretion of the Kentucky PGA Board of Directors.