Golf Genius Mobile App Instructions


1.  Go to your app store on your Android or iPhone. Search “Golf Genius”. Download the app (orange icon).


2.  You will receive your GGID via email prior to the round.


3.  Open the mobile app on your phone. 


4.  Enter the GGID found in the email (Do not enter your email or any password)


5.  Click on your name.


6.  Enter the correct GROSS score for each individual.


7.  After scores are entered for a hole, click “Save Scores”. You will be directed to the next hole.


8.  You can correct any mistakes by toggling backward through the holes across the top bar and editing the existing scores.  Use the “Clear”

button to delete an individual score.  Make sure to click “Save Scores” after editing.


9.  Upon completion of the round, the app will return to Hole 1.


10.  To view the leaderboard, click on “Leaderboard” on the top right.


View Mobile App Video Tutorial