The PGA of Canada takes the integrity of scoring very seriously and the implementation of volunteer scorers with each group has helped to ensure that. Each team will be responsible for supplying a volunteer scorer for the Regional Final that they have qualified for. That volunteer will be assigned to ride along with the PGA of Canada professional from another team (usually in the group in front or behind the team that they came with) and keep track of the strokes taken for 18 holes.


The following conditions must be met:

  • The volunteer must be identified on the official entry form at the time of entry into the Regional Final
  • Must be a minimum of 15 years of age
  • It is the team’s responsibility to notify the PGA of Canada in writing should the name of your volunteer scorer change at any time leading up to the start of the Regional Final. Changes made within 24-hours of the event are subject to a 2-stroke penalty.
  • Volunteer identification will be required at the on-site registration
  • The volunteer will submit their scorecard and sign off on the official scorecard of the team they witnessed immediately following the round
  • Any team that does not bring a volunteer scorer will receive a 2-stroke penalty.


Any team that does not bring a volunteer scorer will receive a 2-stroke penalty under the following provisions:

  • The registered volunteer is not present during the on-site registration period on the day of the competition
  • The team obtains a volunteer from the host club within 24-hours of the competition


Any penalties will be assessed immediately upon discovery of the breach and the penalty will be applied to the 1st hole.


All volunteer scorers must adhere to the host club’s dress attire policy.