Competitors will play the yardages as follows:


MALE competitors will play from the BLUE tees. All FEMALE competitors will play from the RED tees.


Rules of Golf - The Golf Canada Rules of Golf will govern all competition, except for those specialized Scramble Rules in place for the RBC PGA Scramble. 


RBC PGA Scramble Format – 

The RBC PGA Scramble Regional and National Finals will be operated under the Ambrose Scramble Format.


All team members may play from the teeing area on each hole. The team then chooses the shot that gives them the best chance for the next shot. The golfer whose shot is selected is then eliminated from participating in the next shot. A player is only eliminated for the one-shot following their selected shot.


This process continues with one person being eliminated for each shot up until the ball is on the putting green, where all players will have an opportunity to make a putt from each location until the ball is holed (i.e. only four players play each shot except for the tee shot & putts).


All five players then play from the next teeing area and the elimination process begins again. The eliminated player cannot make a practice stroke or practice putt during the time they are eliminated. Should a player make a stroke during the time they are eliminated, this will result in a 2-shot penalty.


Three Tee Shots – A minimum of three (3) tee shots per team member must be used per eighteen (18) hole round. With electronic scoring it will not be required to note the drives on the scorecard, however, this rule must still be followed and team captains may be asked to verify whose tee shots were used on each hole.


Selected Shot - If the selected shot is in the general area (anywhere on the course, except any penalty area, bunker, teeing area or putting green of the hole being played) the ball must be placed within one (1) club length of the selected shot, no nearer the hole, and must remain in the general area. If the selected ball is in a penalty area the next shot must be played from the penalty area, or from outside the penalty area per the applicable Rule under penalty of one-stroke (unless additional penalties apply). If the selected ball is in a bunker the next shot must be played from the bunker, or from outside the bunker per the applicable Rule under penalty of one-stroke (unless additional penalties apply). A ball that is not on the putting green of the hole being played, may not be placed on the putting green, even if it is within one club-length of the marked ball.

In a bunker, the sand may be smoothed (with a foot or rake) prior to any ball being placed.

On the putting green, each ball must be placed within one putter head of the marked position and played from there.


Indicating Line of Play – Except on a putting green, a player may not intentionally indicate the line of play to a teammate while a stroke is being played. See Rule 10.2 for an exception to this Rule. Penalty for a breach of this rule is two (2) strokes.


Standing on an Extension of Line of Play - Team members may stand behind one another while making any stroke.


Scorecard – Scoring will be done electronically in 2023. Each PGA Professional will be required to download the Golf Genius App and will be provided with the GGID to log in prior to the start of the competition. Before the competition, each team must verify that their Handicap Indexes are correct as of the entry closing date. During the round, the volunteer scorer should post scores upon completion of each hole. The volunteer scorer will have five minutes from the time of submission to correct a wrong score with the host club. As per the World Handicap System, the team’s Playing Handicap will consist of 25% of the lowest player’s Course Handicap, 20% of the second-lowest, 15% of the third-lowest and 10% of the highest player’s Course Handicap.  The team's playing Handicap is then further adjusted to 75%. This Playing Handicap will be subtracted from the gross score for the net score. Signing for an lower score than actually made or incorrect handicap will lead to automatic disqualification from the event under Rule 3.3.


Playoff – In the event of a tie for 1st place, the winning team will be determined by matching scorecards as per Section 5.4 of the Rules Manual.