Terms and Conditions of Entry


I hereby apply to enter the PGA Scramble of Canada and in doing so, I agree to abide by the PGA of Canada Tournament Rules and Regulations (found on the PGA of Canada web site) and the Championship conditions set forth herein.  I agree to abide by any amendments that are deemed necessary.  I agree to conduct myself both on and off the golf course in a way befitting the PGA of Canada By-Laws, Categories of Membership and PGA of Canada Tournament Rules.  I agree to co-operate with the media upon a request for an interview.  I agree to abide by decisions of the Tournament Committee and will accept its decision as final.  I agree to abide by the conditions listed for each Championship that I may enter. I acknowledge that my image, likeness, voice or biography may be included in a photograph, recording, broadcast, transmission, production, performance, publication, communication, adaptation, fixation or reproduction of this event and consent to the PGA of Canada,  and its licensees’ and assigns’ right to use my name, image, voice, likeness and biography in connection with publicizing, advertising, exploitation or promotion of this event and other events, programs and services offered by the PGA of Canada, its agents or partners, in perpetuity and throughout the world, by any means and in any medium now known or hereafter devised, without further compensation or notice provided that no such use shall constitute a direct endorsement of any third party product or service without my prior consent.