Terms of Competition


2024 Maine Senior Amateur Indoor Championship





The Maine Amateur Indoor Championship is open to Maine golfers who are 55 and older and have a valid Handicap Index® (which is inclusive of a Maine Golf membership) on or before the date they submit their application.



Players must apply for the championship online via Golf Genius at www.mainegolf.org. Entries will not be taken over the phone or on-site.


The field will consist of 16 players and all players must qualify at one of the participating qualifying sites.


There will be five (5) qualifying technologies for the 2024 Maine Senior Amateur Indoor Championship. Participating Trackman, Full Swing, X-Golf, aboutGolf and TruGolf are all eligible qualifying sites. The top two (2) players from each technology will qualify automatically. The remaining six (6) spots will be filled by comparing scoring differentials across all sites. 


Players are not restricted to a single qualifying site and can attempt to qualify as many times as they would like as long as they re-enter the qualifier by paying an additional entry fee. 


Players trying to qualify more than once are asked to inform Maine Golf 24-hours prior to their second round.  We need to ensure Golf Genius doesn’t see the player as a duplicate.  Please email Maine Golf at info@mainegolf.org prior to a replay.


Ties for any final qualifying spots will be determined using the USGA tie-breaking method (last 9, 6, 3, etc.).


All scores must be emailed to aj@mainegolf.org upon completion of round.


Cost for Qualifiers: The entry fee for the qualifier is $20. Those that qualify will be required to pay an addition XXX for the championship round.



Qualifying DatesFriday, March 1, 2024 through Saturday, March 17, 2024.  Players make a time convenient for them.  Host sites will set up the course to their qualifying standards (and ensure all standards are the same for all qualifiers; site specific).


2024 Qualifying Sites and Venues:


Trackman Facilities                            The Concession Club

Full Swing Facilities                           Torrey Pines - South

Sim City - Westbrook                          Blackwolf Run - Championship Course

X-Golf Portland                                    Harbour Town Golf Links

JW Parks GC, Pittsfield                       Kapalua


Entry deadline for all players is close of business at each qualifying site on Sunday, March 17, 2024. 




Winner: Crystal Trophy and title of Maine Amateur Indoor Champion.

Top finishers: Prize money, determined by finishing position, in the form of a voucher added to the player’s Maine Golf account.



The winner of the Maine Amateur Indoor Championship will be exempt in the subsequent year.   



All play will be governed by The Rules of Golf as approved by the USGA, except as modified by the simulator you are playing. The on-site Rules Committee will have the final authority on all rulings. The competition is deemed to be closed when the trophy is awarded to the champion.



The Maine Golf Tournament Committee/on-site Rules Committee reserves the right to alter any of the conditions, provisions, and/or schedules herein. The decision of the Tournament Committee/on-site Rules Committee in any matter is final.