Welcome to the Oregon Junior Golf Registration Portal


All OJG participants must have a profile to register for tournaments. You can create your profile or login to your account by selecting "Register". Once you have created your profile, you can find a list of events under the Event Registration tab and can complete registration.


The software will require a unique email for each player during registration. If you would like to use the same email for multiple players, add a +1, +2 to the email you are using. The software will ignore anything after the + and will send communication to the same email for all players. When logging into the profile, the +1, +2 will be required to login to the profile for that player when registering for tournaments. See example below.


  • Player 1 - Test@oregonjuniorgolf.org
  • Player 2 - Test+1@oregonjuniorgolf.org
  • Player 3 - Test+2@oregonjuniorgolf.org



OJG Membership Program

Once you have created your new profile, it will take a manual update from the Junior Golf team to add the profile to the Membership Program. Please allow 3-5 business days for your account to be updated. You will receive a confirmation email once your account has been added to the Membership program allowing you to register. Once you have been added you will be able to register for Majors and receive the OJG Member rate on Summer Series Tournaments.



If you have any questions, please contact Oregon Junior Golf at (503) 981-4653 or at juniorgolf@oga.org.