Park Ridge Country Club is proud to support the history of golf being a walking game. At the Club, we have a caddie program during the Caddie Season, which runs from mid-May through mid-August and allows enterprising young men and women to work for themselves as caddies at our club. Additionally, we encourage our younger, local caddies who are still attending high school, to caddie in the shoulder seasons to continue their development.


Caddying is an investment young men and women can make in their future. Caddies learn to work as a team on the golf course, helping one another and providing a great service that amplifies the golfing experience. Caddies learn values of commitment, respect, and teamwork.


A caddie assists golfers during their round and is considered a vital part of the game of golf. Their responsibilities typically include carrying the golfer’s bag, pacing yardages, replacing divots, raking bunkers, and attending the flagstick. Caddying is a great way to learn the game of golf in addition to being an important part of golf’s heritage and part of its future.


Caddying exposes young people to real-life entrepreneurial experience and helps develop outstanding work ethic and attitude. It helps grow the game of golf, allowing young people from modest backgrounds a chance to learn the game. Other important benefits include the opportunity to earn a caddie scholarship through the Evans Scholarship Foundation.


Based on their experience level, a caddie may be considered at a B, A or Honors level. A caddie at each respective level will typically be able to provide the following:


B Caddies:

  • Calculate Yardage
  • Maintain Pace by staying in front of golfer and locating ball
  • Replace divots
  • Rake bunkers
  • Forecaddie on appropriate holes
  • Stand quietly and politely
  • Keep clubs and balls clean
  • Understand rules of golf
  • Illustrate courtesy during round
  • Follow instructions
  • Demonstrate attentiveness and a good attitude
  • Work as a team with others



A Caddies will typically be able to do all that a B caddie can do, plus:

  • Possess advanced knowledge of golf and the course
  • Provide direction of the wind
  • Calculate yardage to penalty areas
  • Provide service to multiple golfers at once
  • Encourage and train inexperienced caddies
  • Act as a role model
  • Exhibit confidence and leadership


Honor Caddies will typically be able to do all that B and A caddies can do, plus:

  • Provide expert advice
  • Assist during training sessions
  • Mentor A and B caddies