The 2018 Tafelski




The Tafelski tournament takes into account a players best score on each of the 18 holes played at Tilden Park Golf Course during the competition season.


This year each Tafelski tournament will be run as a separate buy-in event.  The question is, how low will your score be? 




Last year in the Gross Tafelski there was a four-way tie for first place, with Tim Easley, Joe Casella, Andrew Prodfoot and Steve Boval all shooting a 7-under par 63 over the duration of 25 rounds. 


Tim Easley however was the sole winner of the Net Tafelski with a net 24-under par score of 46.




If you have questions, or are interested in competing in this tournament during the 2018 season, please contact Andrew Proudfoot for more details.