2018 Sonoma Open

Sonoma Ranch Golf Course

April 28th & 29th, 2018


Tournament Format

Two Rounds (36 Holes) – Stroke Play Competition

Round 1: Saturday April 28th, 2018 – Tee Times Starting at 8:00am

Round 2: Sunday April 29th, 2018 – Shotgun Start at 9:00am



      Championship (Gross) Flight Participants: Black Tees     

      Championship Flight Ages 50 to 59: Blue Tees
      Championship Flight Ages 60 and up: White Tees


       All Net Flights: Blue Tees

       Ages 50 and Up: White Tees

       Ages 65 and Up: Tan Tees


USGA Rules will govern all play, with the following exceptions


  1. Lie Improvement:  You may, after marking your ball, move the ball 1 club length, through your own fairway or fringe, no closer to the holeA ball lying in your fairway or fringe may be lifted without penalty and cleaned. Before lifting the ball, the player must mark its position. Having lifted the ball, he must place it on a spot within, one club length, of and not nearer the hole than where it originally lay, that is not in a hazard and not on a putting green. If the player fails to mark the position of the ball before lifting it, moves the ball-marker prior to putting the ball back into play or moves the ball in any other manner, such as rolling it with a club, he incurs a penalty of one stroke
  2. Stones in bunkers can be moved without penalty according to rule 24-1.  All stones larger than a dime can be moved without penalty. 
  3. Out of Bounds is determined by White Stakes, Roadways, Walking Paths adjacent to roadways and rock walls.
  4. Tree Wells; please take full relief from these tree wells, unless the tree is located in a hazard.
  5. The arroyos that flow through the back nine are considered lateral hazards.  The perimeters of these hazards are identified by red stakes and red lines. The paths that cross the arroyos are considered to be in the hazard. 
  6. Casual water may be present in the bunkers, you may take relief, no closer to the hole and the ball must remain in the bunker. Rule 25-1b
  7. Rangefinders will be permitted in this event.  No Slope Reading Rangefinders Permitted.


Please Note:

            #3-The Concrete Drainage on left side of the hole is considered an immovable obstruction.   rule 24-1

            #7-The Concrete Drainage on the right side is considered immovable obstruction.   rule 24-1

            #8-The Runoff drain from the pond is part of the hazard.  rule 24-1

            #10-The Stone runoff on the left side of the hole is considered an immovable obstruction.   rule 24-1

            #11-The Drainage on the left side of the hole is considered an immovable obstruction. rule 24-1 

            #12-Stone Wall drain to the left is in the hazard.


If there is a question to a ruling, please play two balls and refer to the rules committee before signing your scorecard.

Rules Committee reserves the right to evaluate and adjust a players handicap after Round 1.

Pace of Play:  Please maintain your position throughout your round, groups falling out of position by more than two holes can be subject to two stroke penalty.