Welcome to 2018 Game Day at Hawktree! 



The following will give you information on how Wednesday’s Game Day works. You can make tee times from 10:00am to 7:00pm. You will register for the events and games in the golf shop prior to teeing off and must play with a partner for scores to qualify. Guests are more than welcome to participate in our weekly game. Guests will need a handicap, and if they do not, they’ll play off scratch. Scores not turned in the same night will not be accepted. 


All prize money will be paid out in golf shop credit and applied to your account. 



All golf scores will be posted by the golf shop staff. 


ENTRY FEES: $5.00/per game; cash only


HANDICAPS AND TEES: Course Handicaps will be based off the current GHIN revision. The Course Handicap Table will determine your course handicap for the tees you selected to play. 


RESULTS: Results will be posted on our website at the conclusion of play. 



All USGA Rules of Golf apply to game day events. If you do pick-up on any hole then you are no longer eligible for any of the individual games and you take an X on that hole for the team game being played. You still must record a score for handicap purposes according to the USGA handicapping procedures by using equitable stroke control (ESC). 


Games (played every Wednesday)


NET SKINS: $5 entry fee. Net Skins, the player with the lowest net score for that particular hole wins.    


GROSS SKINS: $5 entry fee. Gross Skins, (with valadation) the player with the lowest gross score for that particular hole wins. The player will need to follow up with thier potential skin, with a gross par or better on the next hole. 


DEUCE POT: $5 deuce pot. Any player who makes a "2" on any particular hole will win the pot. Amount paid will be based on deuces made. Multiple deuce pots will be split. Gross scores only. 


CLOSEST TO PIN: $5 closest to the pin contest on all five par 3’s. The five winners will split this pot.


Season Long Games (varies by week)


QUOTA: $5 Quota. Every player will play off their course handicap. The objective of the game is to accumulate points each hole based on your score relative to par. In Quota, players start with a point hurdle of 36 less their handicap. So, a 16 handicap player would start with a quota of 20. If the player earned 25 points during a round, his or her total score would be 5 for the day.
In a typical Quota event, players receive:

Bogey = 1 point
Par = 2 points
Birdie = 4 points
Eagle = 8 points


BLIND DRAW W/PARTNERS: $5 Team Game. Players will be paired together by a blind draw. The Golf Shop Staff will choose random 2-player teams. Your individual scores will be matched up with your random partner’s scores producing your team score. The blind draw format is Net score only. 


INDIVIDUAL GROSS: $5, The Individual with the lowest Gross score wins.


INDIVIDUAL NET: $5, The Individual with the lowest Net score wins. 



Play well and have fun!