Player Roster

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Handle Affiliation H.I.
Amy Hurst Diamondback Golf Club 18.5
Amy Olem Wachesaw Plantation Club 23.1
Andrea Bowers Hillcrest Golf Course 22.3
Andrea Dockrell Barefoot Resort - Dye Club 30.6
Barbara Hasenstab Wachesaw Plantation Club 20.8
Barbara McKenna Barefoot Resort - Dye Club 27.1
Barbara Sobolewski Indigo Creek Golf Club 27.5
Bernadette Cupit Barefoot Resort - Dye Club 27.8
Beth Coldwell Members Club at Grande Dunes 6.9
Betty Gebert Ponderosa Country Club 20.9
Candace Cochrane Whispering Pines Golf Club 12.3
Chea Luff Arrowhead Country Club 16.5
Cindy Delong Barefoot Resort - Dye Club 21.0
Cindy Powers Barefoot Resort - Dye Club 23.5
Debra Catalano Barefoot Resort - Dye Club 19.1
Denise Brackett Country Club of South Carolina 14.0
Denise Uitto Savannah Lakes Village Club 12.7
Diane Minihane Barefoot Resort - Dye Club 31.1
Dianne Belair Whispering Pines Golf Club 9.3
Donna Dorward Barefoot Resort - Dye Club 19.2
Ellen J Miller Wachesaw Plantation Club 13.6
Ellen Jane Simpson Barefoot Resort - Dye Club 21.5
Frankie Garber Florence Country Club 13.5
Janice Azzarelli Hillcrest Golf Course 37.5
Janine Metcalf Indigo Creek Golf Club 15.6
Joan Taylor Barefoot Resort - Dye Club 39.8
Joyce Champi Barefoot Resort - Dye Club 34.4
Joyce Robinette River Hills Country Club 32.7
Judy Shadman Wachesaw Plantation Club 24.1
Julie Abrahamson Whispering Pines Golf Club 15.4
Karen Lombardi wachesaw plantation 21.2
Kathy Judge Pawleys Plantation 12.2
Kristin Fries Arrowhead Country Club 16.3
Linda Painter Barefoot Resort - Dye Club 26.0
Linda Travis Rivertowne Country Club 20.9
Liz Spaulding Wachesaw Plantation Club 24.6
Lynda Bartemeyer Rivertowne Country Club 24.9
Lynda Browning Florence CC 15.4
Maria Renkey Whispering Pines Golf Club 17.4
Marianne Samenko Fox Run Country Club 19.1
Marjorie Rogers Indigo Creek Golf Club 14.5
marlene Kurtz Wachesaw Plantation Club 26.2
Mary Diprima Whispering Pines Golf Club 21.9
Mary Jane Duryee Blackmoor Golf Club 34.6
Maryann Trent Ponderosa Country Club 17.3
Pat Calder Whispering Pines Golf Club 20.7
Sharon Nochenson Barefoot Resort - Dye Club 21.7
Sheila Baranello Indigo Creek Golf Club 16.8
Stephanie Benjamin Darlington Country Club 11.2
Suzanne Moro Whispering Pines Golf Club 7.4
Suzanne Mullin Whispering Pines Golf Club 20.8
Teresa Cleland Arrowhead Country Club 1.7
Terry Jee Barefoot Resort - Dye Club 29.7
Theresa Dubreuil Barefoot Resort - Dye Club 29.8