Planning for 2019.  This is a scoring system test!

In 2019, call it a given that we will always have the stroke play, low net scoring system and money list at every event.  Then for match play, any kind of team system fails because of our flexible attendance policy.  So, lets try Individual Match Play.  Let's decide on how many events will include match play.  Suggesting 6 of 10 rounds in the first half of the season and then reevaluate?  Or less events with match play?  Maybe 4-6 popular events over the year. 


Golf Genius is unable to set up any kind of flighting or pairing system that works for us for match play (again due to attendance).  BUT, match play can be done with manual pairings.  There is a "blind" feature that deals very well with the common situation when we have threesomes  


This test features our usual Low Net, Skins, & CTP games, plus Match Play.  There are 7 rounds.  4 Rounds completed and scored. Round 5 and 6 open for sign up. Season long points for Low Net money list.  Concurrent Individual Match Play with blinds. Aggregated match play results after 4 rounds.  Participating golfers randomly selected.  Random scores.


Player Signups can be done via Scoring Central but not tee selection, skins or CTP so we need a better plan for signups.  We must have tee selection so that scorecards print out right.


We will use a single scorecard for each foursome. Players can/should keep their own scores to check the group scorecard, but the 1 scorecard with all players' scores will be the one officially submitted for data entry.  That should work well.  If foursomes need to regroup for any reason we can adjust as needed.  There is no need to report match play results.  It will be automaticly determined using your stroke play scores.


Scores will be entered and posted immediately after the round.  We just need any laptop and wifi.  Does anyone have a wifi hotspot? Else we rely on course wifi.


Results are interesting.  Try expanding the results in various ways and see individual scores. Expand the skins results to see how the whole field did. 


Scorecards  Here is a sample scorecard with multiple tees and handicaps:   Sample GTGP Scorecard


More on Match Play.  The idea is roughly to get a round robin in among players of similar handicaps, over the course of the year or maybe over the first half of the year.  However, depending on how attendance goes its not going to be perfectly scheduled.


Local Rules,  GTGP Policies, FAQ, etc  This information will continue to be found at


Other Notes 


Our GGID is MHEEFB for this test.


We only have a couple courses on file so far :   Broad Run Golfer's Club


Just using one course and one set of tee boxes for this test but multiple courses and tees are possible and will be set up.


Starting to build the point distribution table. There are two point systems in this test.  Season long points and round points.  Still working on which system to use so you may find some confusion in the results until we decide.