Fall Series III

San Juan Oaks Golf Club

August 31st & September 1st, 2019


Listed below is IMPORTANT tournament information.  Please read carefully.


Club Location:

San Juan Oaks GC

3825 Union Road

Hollister, CA 95023

(831) 636-6113



Format36 holes stroke play; 18 holes per day.   


Start Times:

Saturday, August 31 –11:00 a.m. tee time start, holes 1 & 10

Sunday, September 1 – 7:30 a.m. tee time start, holes 1 & 10


Saturday Schedule

There will be no registration on Saturday morning please arrive at your designated tee 10 minutes prior to your start time.  There will be an information table located near the golf shop at 10:30 a.m. we will have pairings listed there and that is the spot to pick up your lunch.  There will be no registration on Sunday; players should arrive at their designated tee at least 10 minutes prior to their start time.


Practice Round

Practice rounds are available for players and family.  Please call the golf shop in advance to book your time.

YOC members Monday-Friday after 2:00pm, $5.  Saturday-Sunday after 12:00pm, $40.  The adult rate is $40, $20 per person to ride in a golf cart.


Food Service: 

Food will be provided both days for players.  Saturday, a box lunch will be available to pick up before teeing off.  Sunday, a BBQ lunch will be available at the completion of the round.  Players with a dietary need, please check in at the registration table for other lunch options.


The restaurant will open at 6:30 a.m. and the snack bar will be open throughout the day.



Range balls will be provided both days, at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday and 6:30 p.m. on Sunday.  A limited number of spots are available on the range, so players are asked to limit their practice.  Players who have hit an excessive number of balls may be asked to step aside to allow others to warm up.


Second Round Groupings and Starting Times:

Second round groupings and starting times will be available after all first round scores are posted. The groupings and starting times will be available at www.jtnc.org on the player information page.


Rules of Play:

The 2019 USGA Rules of Golf are in effect and are supplemented by the JTNC Standard Local Rules. The committee will provide any additional Local Rules needed on the tournament days. It is the individual player’s responsibility to know the Conditions of the Competition.




Players must walk at all times, except as authorized by the Committee. Pull or push carts are permitted.


Practice Round:

Practice rounds are available for players Monday through Friday all day for $10 or a Youth on Course rate of $5; there is also the $10 rate and the YOC rate after 2:00 PM on weekends. Parents may play with their player during a practice round for their current going rate.  Please call the golf shop in advance to book your practice round time.


Food Service:

Player lunches will be provided each day, food will also be available for purchase. Player’s box lunches will be available at 10:00am, Saturday (Round 1) and a BBQ at the completion of the round on Sunday (Round 2).

The restaurant will open at 6:30am and will have food for purchase.


Dress Code:

All players must be properly attired both on the golf course and on the premises of the club. Blue jeans, designer jeans, T-shirts and tank tops are prohibited. Golf shirts must be worn and shorts must be of appropriate length (no jean shorts). This dress code will be used at all JTNC competitions in conjunction with any additional dress code restrictions of the particular golf course involved. A violation of this dress code must be rectified without undue delay or the player will not be allowed to continue play.



Spectators must wear proper attire while at the club. Please see the clubs Dress Code policy.  Spectators may wear anything that fits within the club policy.


The use of electronic devices should be limited to areas where their use will not distract players on the course. Spectators must maintain at least 25 yards from the players and avoid even the appearance of imparting advice or assisting the player in any way. A spectator may approach a player briefly to hand clothing, food or beverages to the player, but should not have prolonged conversations. Please walk ahead of the group you are following and stay in the rough or near the cart paths. Do not delay groups by walking slowly. Spectators must stay off the greens and out of the bunkers at all times. Spectators violating these policies may be asked to leave the course. Spectator carts are prohibited. Handicap carts will be available for $25. Individuals must have documentation and be cleared by the JTNC staff. Visit the registration tent to be approved.


Caddies Prohibited:

Caddies are not allowed at this event.



In the event of ties, there will be a play-off for first place, if conditions allow. Ties for second and third will be decided using the USGA’s method for matching cards if not broken during the play-off for first place. In a competition with a multiple tee start, the last nine holes will be holes 10-18.


Late Appearance:

It is the responsibility of the players to be at their assigned tee at the time that the Committee orders play to begin. The course will not page players to the tee.


Withdrawals and No Shows:

Players who enter a JTNC event and wish to withdraw for any reason MUST notify the JTNC/NCGA staff at the Rules and Competitions department at (831) 622-8209. Failure to notify the JTNC/NCGA will result in a NO SHOW and the player will receive a one-year suspension from all JTNC events for the following calendar year following the infraction. A player who only contacts the course and NOT the JTNC/NCGA will incur the suspension.



Non-metal spikes required. Shoes with traditionally designed spikes (regardless of composition, i.e., ceramic) or spikes, regardless of design, comprised either entirely or partially of metal (when such metal comes in contact with the surface of the putting green) are prohibited. Penalty for breach of this condition: Disqualification.


All other questions concerning this event, contact the JTNC/NCGA staff during normal business hours at (831) 625-4653. For weekends or after business hours contact Aaron at (831)622-8234 or ahartesveldt@ncga.org.