Welcome New Members,


Congratulations on choosing to join one of the best Men’s Clubs in the Denver Metro area!  Wellshire Men’s Golf Club (WMGC) is dedicated to promoting a fair and competitive golfing experience while offering social events for fellowship.  We offer a variety of tournament formats each year and have 15 tournaments scheduled for 2019.  Our Tournament Player’s membership includes 2 banquets: 1 each in the Spring and Fall.


In order to provide fair and competitive tournaments, WMGC has an active Handicap Committee (WMGC HC) in order to maintain fair and accurate handicaps for its members.  The WMGC HC uses a variety of tools and resources, including a WMGC Tournament Handicap Index that it uses as a comparison to a member’s GHIN index, to review and evaluate each member’s handicap on an ongoing basis.  See2019 WMGC Handicap Guidelines and Information.


The following are general and specific guidelines and requirements for New Members to establish a WMGC Tournament Index (handicap) and to be eligible to participate in WMGC tournaments in order to play for prize money:


First, New Members are divided into 2 categories: (1) a member new to WMGC but the New Member has a current (within the past 2 years) established GHIN index with a handicap history or (2) New Members who do not have any prior established handicap index or history.


Category 1 New Members:  Are allowed to immediately play in tournaments for prize money (with the exception of the ABCD Scramble which has additional rules which must be met by the New Member).  The New Member will play at a handicap of the lowest GHIN index (converted to a home course handicap for the tees played) over the last rolling year or, if not enough scores or history (in the sole discretion of WMGC HC), then the lowest score differential in the New Member’s handicap history multiplied by .96 to determine the New Member’s handicap index.


Category 2 New Members:  Are NOT allowed to immediately play in tournaments for prize money.  The Category 2 New Member must have a minimum of 5current yearrounds posted to GHIN(a minimum of 5 rounds is required for a New Member to be issued a GHIN handicap index); preferably 2 of those rounds are at Wellshire GC and 1 round is a tournament round that counts towards the WMGC Tournament Index (handicap).  Once a New Member has the 5 scores (a current GHIN index) and established a WMGC Tournament index, the New Member may compete for money in the WMGC tournaments (with the exception of the ABCD Scramble which has additional rules which must be met by the New Member).  If the New Member is not eligible to play for prize money in tournaments, he may still sign up to play in the tournament (under tournament rules and for stroke play only) for green fees only (in order to get a tournament score that counts toward the New Member’s WMGC Tournament index).  There is also the option to participate in gross skins.  Once the New Member is eligible to participate for prize money, he is no longer eligible to sign up for green fee only (i.e., he must participate in the prize pool to play in any tournament).


A couple of ways to become eligible for to play for tournament prize money more quickly:


  1. Pay your dues as soon as possible for the 2019 Tournament Players membership.  Your GHIN will be active for posting scores beginning March 15, 2019.


  1. Turn in each signed and attested scorecard from casual rounds (rounds played as a single cannot be posted or be used for establishing a handicap) played at Wellshire Golf Course during the early 2019 season and post rounds played at other courses.  Place these scorecards in the 8 ½ x 11 envelope marked “Wellshire Men’s Golf Club” tacked onto the WMGC bulletin board located next to the GHIN computer.  If you have not posted these scores (please indicate the same on the scorecard), these scores will be posted by the Handicap Committee.   


  1. To assist with meeting the WMGC Category 1 and 2 New Member guidelines and requirements to receive a WMGC Tournament handicap index as quickly as possible, the first 3 WMGC events of 2019 are individual stroke play tournaments.


The WMGC makes every attempt to welcome, include, and involve our New Members. With this in mind, a New Member round is scheduled prior to the 1sttournament where New Members can come out and play Wellshire with a long-time WMGC member or member of the WMGC Board or WMGC HC.   This score will count as a round at Wellshire and toward the 5 scores in 2019 that you need to establish a GHIN index


Season Long Match play:  All New Members should have an established WMGC Tournament Index (handicap) to compete in season long match play, unless granted an exception by the WMGC HC (usually reserved for Category 1 New Members).  All New Members may sign up for match play prior to establishing a WMGC Tournament Index (handicap).  However, if a WMGC Tournament Index handicap has not been established prior to the opening day of match play, then if not granted an exception by the WMGC HC, the New Member’s entry fee(s) for match play will be refunded.


ABCD Tournament and Calcutta:  One of our most popular tournaments is the ABCD scramble with Calcutta wagering prior to the tournament.  In order to be eligible to participate in that tournament, all New Members musthave an established GHIN index, played in 2 WMGC tournaments in 2019 so that the New Member has a WMGC Tournament Index (handicap) with 2 T-scores established prior to the ABCD Scramble (by the May 15, 2019 GHIN revision date).  


In the event a New Member has paid membership dues and chooses to decline membership due to an objection to these New Member guidelines (prior to participating in any tournaments), all dues shall be refunded in full and your GHIN handicap will be de-activated.  Note:  If a New Member objects but still desires to pay for an active handicap, the WMGC will refund the dues minus the Associate member handicap fee.


Please go to our website www.wellshire.comand on the home page, select the Registration icon for completing a membership registration.


Please contact Darren Gaschler, Membership Director, darren.gaschler9@gmail.comor Todd Jansen, Handicap Chairman,WMGCHandicapCC@gmail.com, if you have any questions or concerns.


Thank you,


Todd Jansen

Handicap Committee Chairman

Wellshire Men’s Golf Club