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2018 Tournament Information

- We again this year will be keeping a money list and a points list.

- The top ten players from the POINT LIST on Friday, November 30th, 2018 will qualify for the 10th Annual

   Year-End Shootout. The top 12 Men on the points list will qualify for the 2019 Travis Cup Team (a Ryder Cup Style
   Event against Lago Vista Golf Club).

-  This year we will drag 10% per player from every event run by the golf shop which includes everything except the
    MGA, the WGA, and outside tournaments. We will use this money to pay for the Christmas party and sale and the
    2017 Year-End Shootout which will both take place on Saturday, December 1st, 2018.

-  We anticipate there being $1,200 for the year-end shootout this year with a potential breakdown looking like this:

    1st -  $250             4th - $150              7th - $80              10th - $20

    2nd - $200            5th -  $125              8th  - $60

    3rd  - $175            6th  - $100              9th - $40

-   The POINTS LIST will reward participation AND good play. Each player will receive 10 points for participating in
     a weekly event (Maddog Mondays, Skins, WGA, MGA, Mixed League, WGA Play with Pros, Fri Cash Game and
     the Saturday Scramble) and additional points for being in the top 30% of the field - net. (Ex. 17 players – 1st = 10
     additional points, 2nd = 8 points, 3rd = 6 points, 4th = 4 points, and 5th = 2 points).

-   QUADRUPLE POINTS (Participation and Additional Points) will be awarded to all the participants in our
     MAJOR tournaments throughout the year. The following events are considered our MAJOR events:


     Mon, January 1st                        –  10th Annual New Year’s Day Tourney

     Sat, January 20th                        –  Beat the Pros

     Sat-Sun, Jan 27th & 28th             -  Spring Training Golf School

     Sun, February 4th                       -  10th Annual Super Bowl Shamble & Party

     Sat, February 17th                      -  2-Person Scramble ½ Day Member/Guest or Member/Member Benefitting the WCID

     March-June                                -  2-Person Match Play Championship

     Sat, March 3rd                            -  Night Golf

     Mon-Thurs, Mar 5th-8th            -  Golf Trip to Lajitas

     Tues-Thurs, Mar 13th-15th        -  Spring Break Junior Camp

     Sat, March 17th                          -  PVWGA Memorial Charity Tourney

     Wed, Apr 4th - Fri, May 11th   -  North Lake Travis Little League - Spring Season

     Fri, April 6th                               -  10th Annual Masters Par 3 Tourney

     Sat, April 7th                              -  10th Annual Masters Pro-Am

     Mon-Tues, Apr 9th-10th             -  WGA Championship

     Sat-Sun, Apr 28th- Apr 29th      -  10th Annual Member-Member

     Mon-Wed, May 21st – 23rd        -  Golf Trip to Shreveport

     Sat-Mon, May 26th-28th            -  Stars vs. Stripes (Intraclub Ryder Cup Matches)

     Sat, May 26th                              -  Crawfish Boil

     Sat, June 2nd                               -   Lions Club Tourney

     June, June 12th- Fri, July 20th    -  North Lake Travis Little League - Summer Season

     Sat, June 23rd                             -  Night Golf

     Tues-Thurs, June 26th-28th      -   Junior Golf Camp

     Wednesday, July 4th                 -   4th of July Scramble, BBQ & Band

     Sat, July 14th                              -   Grand Opening of Clubhouse Scramble & Party  

     Tues-Thurs, July 17th-19th        -   Junior Golf Camp

     Thurs-Fri, July 26th-27th          -    Junior Club Championship

     Saturday, July 28th                   -   Junior/Adult Championship & End-of-Year Jr. Banquet

     Fri-Sun, Aug, 3rd - 5th                -   45th  Anniversary BBQ Tourney
     Mon-Wed, Aug 13th-15th           -   Golf Trip to San Antonio

     Sat-Mon, September 1st-3rd       -   Stars vs. Stripes (Intraclub Ryder Cup Matches)

     September-December               -   Individual Match Play Championship

     Tues, Sept 11th- Fri, Oct 19th      -   North Lake Travis Little League - Fall Season

     Wed-Thurs, Sept 19th – 20th      -   MGA Championship      
     Saturday, Sept 22nd                   -    Night Golf

     Tues-Thurs, Oct 22nd -24th        -   Golf Trip to Port Aransas

     Saturday, October 27th             -   WGA Halloween Tourney

     Fri-Sun, Nov 2nd-4th                   -   8th Annual Travis Cup vs. Lago Vista Golf Courses

     Thursday, November 8th          -   Couples Club Championship

     Saturday, November 24th         -   Night Golf

     Saturday, December 1st            -   Year-End Shootout & Golf Shop Christmas Party & Sale

     Sat, Dec 8th                                -   Santa to PV

     Moday, December 31st       -  New Year’s Eve Party

 *ALL these dates and tournaments are subject to change