Golf Genius Login and Password Creation Instructions


The following link contains detailed instructions how to create a Golf Genius login ID & password, also how to register for tournaments:


HMGC Member Login and Tournament Registration Instructions



Welcome to the Homestead Men's Club Home page on Golf Genius. This web page replaces the eClubhouse page previously uesd for tournament registration. eClubhous is no longer supported by the USGA and has been replaced with Golf Genius. All tournament planning, registration, pairing and score recording is all handled in Golf Genius. Registration for the 19 HMGC tournaments as well as the season long tournaments, Match Play and Ringer, are available on the homepage. If you have any questions contact me.


Fred Morris

HMGC Tournament Director



The following links provide and overview of the individual and team match play season long events:


Individual Match Play Overview


Team Match Play Overview