Max3 Golf League - Series 1

4/17, 4/24, 5/1, 5/8, 5/15, 5/22, 5/29, 6/5, 6/12, & 6/19

9 Hole League, 5:30pm Shotgun

$50.00 per team, per week

2 Person Teams


FORMAT EACH WEEK: April 17th: 2 Person Best Ball, April 24th: 2 Person Modified Alternate Shot, May 1st: 2 Person Scramble, May 8th: 2 Person Best Ball, May 15th: 2 Person Modified Alternate Shot, May 22nd: 2 Person Scramble, May 29th: 2 Person Best Ball, June 5th: 2 Person Modified Alternate Shot, June 12th: 2 Person Scramble, June 19th: 2 Person Best Ball

* Rules concerning the format of play will be announced before the round each week of play*


THE SIDE GAME: Each week will have a different “Side Game” as an additional way for teams to win pro shop credit. (Ex. Par 5 Stableford Challenge, Gross Skins, Par 4 Challenge, etc)


Golf Professional/PGM Student Tees: Black, MEN<60 Tees: Blue, MEN 60+ Tees: White, LADIES Tees: Teal


Handicaps are recommended. Team handicap will be determined by 20% of the combined GHIN handicaps during Week 1. Teams without a single GHIN handicap play as scratch. Handicaps may be adjusted per week. There is a max team handicap of 3 in this 9 Hole League.


We are PLAYING THE BALL DOWN everywhere! There will be NO LIE ADJUSTMENTS, unless otherwise noted in the final announcement each night. (Ex. 2 Person Scrambles will allow a Club Length no closer to the hole in the general area)


We do have a special scoring rule in place for this league: DOUBLE BOGEY is your friend. The maximum score you can make on any hole is a DOUBLE BOGEY. So if you are putting for double bogey (or two over par) you may pick it up record double bogey on the scorecard and proceed to the next hole.


Gimmie’s: If your ball rests within 12 inches of the hole, pick it up, it is good. Yet, obviously, the gimme still costs a stroke.


TEAMS: Teams consist of two people, which includes the Team Captain. The Team Captain is the main contact whom we will call/email for matters concerning the Max3. The Team Captain is responsible for finding substitutes. There is a limit of 4 substitutions per 10 week season. Substitutes must be named and their GHIN Handicap (if they have one) must be provided by the Tuesday before Max3 League night.


Team Handicaps are subject to review after each week. We, the committee, have the right to adjust team handicaps each week of Max3.


POINTS SYSTEM: For weekly placements teams will receive the following points: 1st-15 points, 2nd-12 pts., 3rd-10 pts., 4th-8 pts., 5th-6 pts., 6th-5 pts., 7th-4 pts., 8th-3 pts., 9th-2 pts., 10th-1pt.


Teams may receive pro shop gift certificates for their placement each Wednesday (Net Score) as well as for their position in the league standings (Total Points) when the league ends. Gift certificate value is dependent on how many players participate per week and per season.


Placements paid out per week are determined by if the last payout breaks $20. For example, the 3rd place payout must be worth $20 or more for that payout to exist. This is the “$20 rule.”


Thank you for competing in this season of the Max3 League.


Meet us in the Sunset Grill after you have completed play for scoring.