BanBury Women’s Twilight Tuesday Night

2019 League


  • Starts April 23rd – The first night will be a fun social night explaining the match play format – must attend.  
  • We will play one 9-week regular season from April 30th through June 25th, followed by a sudden death playoff. Playoffs start on July 9th. If you advance in the playoffs, you could potentially play up to 12 total weeks. There will be no league night on Tuesday July 2nd.
  • ALL members of the league must have their IGA dues paid for their current handicap card.
  • HANDICAP - Play your current handicap.  A current USGA handicap is strongly suggested. A maximum handicap of 42 will be allowed in league play.  If you do not have a current handicap, you must turn in at least one 18 hole scorecard (more cards give a more accurate handicap before the schedules can be done).
  • LADIES ASSOCIATION – All League players must be a part of the BanBury Ladies association ($33 fee)
  • LEAGUE FORMAT - Two Lady Best Ball Match Play.  Handicaps will be used. Partners’ handicaps will be no more than 10 strokes apart. Strokes for your handicap will be marked on the scorecard.  At least one member of the team must be present to compete.  We will start play at 5:50 p.m.   Announcements at 5:40 p.m. – then heading out to our starting holes.
  • SOFTWARE - We are using Golf Genius software in 2019. Please download the App Golf Genius from your app store. After we get 30 full teams, you will receive an email with your league GGID for this App/website. This new software will ensure that results, pairings, schedules, finding subs and communication will be better throughout our league. It is important that you and your partner give us an accurate and legible email address at time of registration.

GROSS SCORE is the lowest actual number of strokes per hole for the team (do not adjust score at this point).

NET SCORE is the lowest net score (actual strokes less handicap) for each hole for the team

Eleven (11) points will be awarded for each match:

  • 1 point for the low Team Best NET ball on each hole
  • 2 points for the best team GROSS total
  • No-shows will be awarded zero points and the other team will automatically

            win 2 points for gross and net points are played against par per hole (play the course)

  • Net birdie or better = 1 point; net par = ½ point; net bogey or more = 0 points.
  • All scores are based on the honor system


reminder: In match play, you are not required to hole out. if you’re having a bad hole and your partner is doing well, it is okay to pick up your ball. You will write down what you most likely would have scored on the scorecard.


KEEP UP WITH THE GROUP AHEAD - N SCORES at the next tee area

Please do not dally on the tee area or on the green.

ACCURATE, LEGIBLE SCORE CARD - signed by one member of each team must be turned in.

Failure to turn in card will result in forfeiture of ALL points earned that night.

  • PLAYOFF: The top 8 teams in each flight will advance to the playoffs. Playoffs start July 9th. You will be seeded by your regular season rank.


1 vs 8








4 vs 5








3 vs 6








2 vs 7







  • 30 TEAMS MAX – The league is limited to the first 30 paid teams
  • SUBS - Team members are responsible for getting their own subs.  A sub list will be provided on the league website.  Subs must have a VALID IGA CARD. Subs cannot be lower than the lowest HANDICAP in your flight! If you are unable to find a sub, the remaining team member may play the opponents by themselves.
  • Please notify your league manager (208-850-6811/ by 6pm on the Monday before play with sub name & handicap so cards will be accurate at start of play.
  • TIME - We will be teeing off at 5:50 p.m. sharp every Tuesday night except as mentioned above.  You must be on the tee area ready to go at least 5 minutes early.  It would be helpful if everyone planned to be ready at the clubhouse by 5:30 p.m. for announcements and rides to the far holes if needed.  If you are late you will need to catch your group on the next available hole and continue from there.
  • INFORMATION - Your schedule package will inform you of which hole you tee off, the team you play against each week of the session.  It will include a roster of players and subs, play of the day, rules, and how to fill out the scorecards.  If you have any questions please ask.
  • WEATHER – In the event there is a question of league play due to weather and/or course conditions the decision to “call” play will be determined by the golf shop staff and your league manager.  If play is “called” every effort will be made to make it up. Teams will not be awarded points for matches they do not play.