2022 WMGA Player of Year & 2024 Presidents Cup Policy


We use a money list approach for calculating both Player of Year (POY) and Presidents Cup (PC) lists. This was the agreed upon approach starting with the 2018 Tournament Committee (TC) and has continued ever since. The PC uses a two year running total for qualification. The 2024 PC will use point totals from 2022/2023 POY lists.


This approach is in line with how current Ryder Cup and PC teams are determined using a money list versus point system.


The first part of the “Money List” comes direct from the credits from the Payout policy for winning/placing in events.


The other key component for the POY and PC is to reward players for participation. The old system awarded 25 pts for minor, 50 for regular and 100 for major events. To work under the new $ system, we will award “$” for playing in events. You will receive “$” for playing in an event based on the size of the field and event type based on following table:


Minor -
9 hole


Regular -
18 hole


36 hole



The goal is to still allow for someone who plays in all or most of the events and never wins/places/shows/etc. to still earn their way into the top 32 and qualify for the PC. Historically, if you played in all events and used the old point system this person would have finished on average 19th in the last four POY lists and 20th in the last two PC lists.


Examples of participation points:

  1. Bubba – 63 total players: all players would be awarded $63 (63*$1)
  2. Woodmont Cup – 70 players: all players awarded $140 (70*$2.00)