GreatLIFE Roster Registration

If you have not yet created your Player Profile, please read the information below and then choose Click Here to Register at the bottom of the page. If you have already created your Player Profile, you can Sign In with your email address and password.


Each participant's Player Profile must have a unique email address. If you are registering someone without their own email address, you may use the following method. Add a "+" sign and a unique identifier (a number or name) to a valid email address to create a unique email to use when signing in. If I have a Player Profile with the email address, I could register my children using and All emails would come to the GreatLIFE email, but each participant will sign in to their unique Player Profile with their unique name email address. 


Please call Jason Sudenga at 605-940-7344 or email: if you have any questions or difficulty. 

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