The Gaggle is open to all players that have a current GHIN Handicap.


The Gaggle plays Saturdays and Sundays all year around. The Gaggle will be cancelled on days that have Gauntlet or GGCA sponsored event scheduled.


You can tee off anytime you want. Just pay entry before you tee off and so not forget to turn in your scorecard at the end of your round.


Results will be tallied before Saturday of the following week. 


Cost to play in the Gaggle is $10 plus any applicable green/cart fees.




  • Low NET

  • Low GROSS

  • Closet to pin (Par 3s)

  • NET Skins

  • GROSS Skins

  • Hole-in-one pot



Playing by the same set of rules will make participation in the Gaggle a much more enjoyable experience. USGA rules govern play in the Gaggle with the following club exceptions:

  • Root/Rock rule, nearest relief no closer to the hole.

  • G.U.R. left fairway of hole 1 and right hill and ditch in fairway of hole 2.

  • Free drop near drains on left side of 10 fairway.

  • Balls coming to rest in wood chips, pine straw, leaves are deemed in play and shall not be moved.

  • Putts can only be conceded within a putter grip, no more than 12-15".

  • Pick up after NET DOUBLE PAR.

  • Alternate provisional rule is allowed: Two stroke penalty, two club lengths in the fairway, hitting 4th.

  • A “Leaf Rule” will be enacted in the fall. (The committee will advise when this rule is in effect)

In the event of questionable ruling, a second ball should be played on that hole and a decision will be made after the round.


The handicap system is the key to having a fair and equitable competition. It is essential that all players maintain their handicaps by timely and accurate posting of their scores.

  • 100% of the handicap will be used for the games

  • Handicaps will be based off slope for the Gaggle

  • Handicap issues will be addressed by the committee

Any issues that arise or recommendations should be brought to my attention.


Chad Michael

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Course: 540-752-0963

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