2019 Centura Hills CC (9-Hole) Reschedule Tee Sheet

Round 1 - Fri, July 19

Centura Hills Country Club
Time Hole Players
Note: The main tee is the Red tee. Players on different tees are indicated above.
Centura Hills Country Club
Player Tee Time Hole Tee Other Players
Ayla Strong 9:00 AM 10 Red Madison Murnan
Eden Connelly 9:24 AM 10 Red Lauren Murnan
Jaxson Hinze 9:08 AM 10 Red Korbin Skeen
Korbin Skeen 9:08 AM 10 Red Jaxson Hinze
Lauren Murnan 9:24 AM 10 Red Eden Connelly
Madison Murnan 9:00 AM 10 Red Ayla Strong
Maxton Holling 9:16 AM 10 Red Nash Malone + Patrick Vilai
Nash Malone 9:16 AM 10 Red Maxton Holling + Patrick Vilai
Patrick Vilai 9:16 AM 10 7-8 Division Maxton Holling + Nash Malone