Welcome to the "KWGA Senior/Super Senior Championship" 


The KWGA Senior Championship was first established in 1988. It was created for the main purpose of giving senior ladies a chance to play competitive golf at a conventional yardage. The inaugural winner of the Senior Championship was Natasha Fife at Arkansas City Country Club. She went on to win several more times. She also served as a KWGA president for many years. Another notable winner is Denise Desilet who has won nine out of her ten years she participated in this event.


The Super Senior Championship was established a few years later in 1994. The main goal of the Super Senior was no different than the Senior but was for women ages 70 and up. The first ever Super Senior Championship was one by Nita Grabendike and was hosted by Salina Country Club. Women such as Mary Gunter and Jane Brehm have also won many of the Super Senior Championships.


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