Welcome to the 53rd Pacific Coast Amateur Championship


We are looking forward to having you compete in the 53rd Pacific Coast Amateur Championship at The Championship Course at University of New Mexico, July 23-26, 2019. The following information is important as it pertains to your participation in the Championship. Please review this information thoroughly as it will greatly assist you in preparing to compete in the Championship.



The PCGA will provide basic, complimentary player shuttle transportation to and from the Albuquerque International Sunport Airport.  It is only 5 minutes to the golf course.  Complimentary player shuttle transportation will also be available to and from select hotels near the airport off Sunport Blvd. Player shuttle transportation will be available beginning on Sunday, July 21 through Friday afternoon, July 26.  A shuttle schedule will be distributed at Registration.

Players needing assistance with transportation to and from the airport must contact PCGA Staff, Nicole Bivins at the PCGA office in Federal Way, Washington by Friday, July 19 at 1-800-643-6410 or nicole.bivins@thepnga.org and provide their flight itinerary. The PCGA will meet players outside baggage claim at Albuquerque International Sunport Airport.  The PCGA may be using several vehicles for shuttling.  Each van or automobile will have “PCGA Shuttle” signs displayed.  Due to the number of requests for assistance with transportation, some players may have to wait at the airport for a short amount of time until a shuttle becomes available.  Listed below are telephone numbers to call in the event connections are missed or a player cannot identify the PCGA shuttle persons at the airport or in case of an emergency.


In addition, the PCGA will operate shuttle service each day of the Championship between the hotels near the airport off Sunport Blvd and the golf course for players that need it. If you are staying at a hotel off Sunport Blvd. and want to utilize the shuttle to/from the golf course, you must let the PCGA staff know at Registration, to make sure the shuttle comes to your hotel.  A schedule of times the shuttles will depart from and return to the hotel each morning and afternoon will be provided at Registration and emailed to players once all players have registered. Please note: The hotels provide shuttle service to/from the golf course as well, but you are responsible for any kind of arrangement with the hotels.

Beginning Sunday, July 22, the following PCGA staff may be reached by cell phone;

Troy Andrew – 206-399-8452

Torrin Westwood – 360-301-9038


Practice rounds at The Championship Course at UNM will be available to contestants on Monday, July 22nd. Players are only allowed one complimentary practice round and they will not be available to contestants prior to Monday, July 22nd.  All starting time arrangements must be made through the PCGA office in Federal Way, Wash. by calling Nicole Bivins at (253) 214-2910.



Registration for contestants will be Monday, July 22nd from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. at The Championship Course at UNM. Please look for signage.



The PCGA dress code applies to contestants, caddies, and gallery, and will be strictly enforced during the Championship week. Suitable attire must be worn at all times. Suitable attire DOES NOT include jeans or denim of any kind or color, running suits, CARGO PANTS OR SHORTS (Pockets on sides), tank tops, t-shirts or unkempt clothing of any kind. Shorts are permitted but must be worn at mid-thigh length or longer. All shirts must have collars and must be worn tucked in. All caps must be worn with the bill forward. Sandal type golf shoes are not permitted. Failure to adhere to the dress code may result in disqualification and removal from club property.

NOTE: Cargo pants or shorts are defined as having side pockets on the side of the leg. Because of the differing nature of cargo pants and shorts, the PCGA does not permit any type regardless of their quality or material in an effort to maintain our attire standard which assists us to attain the very best golf clubs as host sites. Your cooperation is appreciated.


Attire for the Players’ Welcome Barbecue Monday evening, July 22nd is “country club casual” (i.e., button down shirt) with golf attire appropriate. Please adhere to the Championship dress code.



The use of automotive carts of any kind are not permitted.


Caddies are allowed for the championship.  There are no caddies available at The Championship Course at UNM.



In order to avoid player distractions and Rules incidents, spectator carts of any kind during the Championship will NOT be permitted. Spectators who wish to gallery players may walk the course, but are asked to please be cognizant of creating any sort of distraction, noise, or unduly delaying play.  The PCGA Dress Code (Please see DRESS CODE) applies to any gallery.  Gallery cooperation is greatly appreciated by the PCGA and contestants.



The PCGA will conduct Live Scoring during the Championship.  During each round, PCGA volunteers will be stationed at key locations on the golf course (front nine, end of nine holes, and back nine) and will request scorecards after the completion of a hole in order to record updated scores. 


Go to the championship portal for pairings, live scoring, results and player information. You can access the portal by visiting www.pacificcoastamateur.com.  You can also access the portal by using the USGA Tournament Management app on your mobile device. To access the championship portal, login using the GGID: PCA2019



Cash and all major credit cards are accepted throughout the facility.


PLAYERS' HOSTED WELCOME BARBECUE (Cost for Players Included in Entry Fee)

The Players’ Welcome Barbecue will be held The Championship Course at UNM in the Golf Course Pavilion on Monday evening, July 22nd, beginning at 6:30 p.m. The PCGA hosts this dinner for all players (included in the entry fee). Guests are also welcome to attend, but tickets must be purchased at registration for $35 per person (U.S. funds), which includes all taxes and gratuities. The attire is “country club casual” (i.e., button down shirt, sweater, or the like) with golf clothes appropriate. The PCGA dress code applies to all players and guests.


PCGA HOSTED LUNCH EACH DAY OF CHAMPIONSHIP (Cost for Players Included in Entry Fee)

To further assist in deferring player expenses, the PCGA will host (included in the entry fee) each day for players (Tuesday-Friday).


MORSE CUP TEAM PHOTOS (Applies Only to PCGA Member Association Teams)

The traditional Morse Cup team photos will be taken Wednesday morning, July 24, prior to play. The location and a specific schedule of photo times for each association will be distributed to those on a Morse Cup team at registration.



Individual - The Individual Championship shall be conducted over 72 holes.  There is no cut.

In the event of a tie, the individual champion will be determined by a hole-by-hole playoff immediately after the conclusion of play.


Morse Cup Team The team Championship, consisting of PCGA member association teams only, will be conducted over the first 36 holes.  The two low scores of three each day will be totaled to determine the winning association team of the Morse Cup competition and Trophy.  In the event of a tie, co-champions will be declared.



Individual – The low individual scorer will receive a PCGA Gold Championship Medal and a Crystal Trophy and his name will be engraved on the Edgar Updegraff Pacific Coast Amateur Championship Perpetual Trophy.  Individuals finishing second will receive a PCGA Silver Championship Medal.  Individuals finishing third will receive a PCGA Bronze Championship Medal. 


Morse Cup Team - The winning association holds the Morse Cup Perpetual Trophy for one year. Each team member receives a Gold Championship Medal.  Each member of the team(s) finishing in second place will receive a Silver Championship Medal.  Each member of the team(s) finishing in third place will receive a Bronze Championship Medal.



Stroke Play - Revised (2019)

Rule 5.6a. Unreasonable Delay of Play states: “A player must not unreasonably delay play, either when playing a hole or between two holes.”


Rule 5.6b. Prompt Pace of Play states: “A round of golf is meant to be played at a prompt pace. Each players should recognize that his or her pace of play is likely to affect how long it will take other players to play their rounds, including both those in the player’s own group and those in following groups.”


Rule 5.6b(I). Pace of Play Recommendations states: “The player should play at a prompt pace throughout the round, including the time taken to:

  • Prepare for and make each stroke,
  • Move from one place to another between strokes, and
  • Move to the next teeing area after completing a hole.

A player should prepare in advance for the next stroke and be ready to play when it is his or her turn. When it is the player’s turn to play:

  • It is recommended that the player make the stroke in no more than 40 seconds after he or she is (or should be) able to play without interference or distractions, and
  • The player should usually be able to play more quickly than that and is encouraged to do so.”

Players are expected to adhere to the pace of play recommendations outlined in Rule 5.6b(I) as well as complete play of each checkpoint hole in the time determined by the on-site Championship Committee.  When a group is out of position at any checkpoint, the players in the group are subject to penalty under these guidelines. Checkpoints will be on completion (flagstick in the hole) of either the 4th, 9th, 13th and 18th holes, or the 5th, 9th, 14th and 18th holes. Exact checkpoint locations will be determined prior to the start of each event. Players will be notified of checkpoint locations on the starting tee.


Allotted Time: Flagstick in the Hole
Maximum times to play will be determined for each day of the championship by the on-site Championship Committee. Maximum times to complete each hole will be printed on each competitor’s scorecard. Competitors will be advised, prior to starting, of that day’s maximum time to complete the round. It is the group’s responsibility to finish each checkpoint within the times outlined on the scorecard or within position of the group directly in front of them. When a group falls behind – regardless of the reason – it must regain its position. Time for ball searches, rulings, and walking time between holes is included in the allotted time.

Definition “Out of Position” – Stroke Play


First Group Only: The first group is out of position if it takes more than the allotted time to complete a checkpoint hole (see checkpoint time on scorecard).


All Following Groups:
A following group is out of position if it:

(a) Takes more than the allotted time to complete a checkpoint hole and
(b) Completes play of a checkpoint hole more than 14 minutes after the preceding group completed play of that hole.


Group Out of Position
The first time a group is out of position at a checkpoint hole they will be issued a warning. When a group has been notified of its first breach, that group is expected to regain its position before reaching the next checkpoint. If that group is out of position at the next or any subsequent checkpoint, the group may incur the following penalties:

• 1st breach* – warning
• 2nd breach – one stroke penalty
• 3rd breach – two stroke penalty
• 4th breach – disqualification

* If a group clears the 3rd checkpoint without any breaches, but is out of position at the 4th checkpoint, the potential penalty for each player in the group is one stroke.

Any group that is out of position is subject to being monitored by a Rules Rover.


Player’s Rights
Any player may appeal the penalty at scoring.

A player concerned about a non-responsive fellow-competitor in his group should request a Rules Rover to monitor the group in case the group is/or becomes subject to penalty under these guidelines.


Final Determination Regarding Breach / Review Process
All breaches will be reviewed at scoring by the Pace of Play Committee. If the player/group appeals the penalty, the Pace of Play Committee will consider only the following in an appeal:

(a) The player was delayed by the Committee; or
(b) The player was delayed by a circumstance beyond the control of the player or the group; or (c) The player was delayed by another player in the group.


A player who was out of position during her round and who elects not to consult with the Pace of Play Committee to determine whether he was in breach of these guidelines is considered to have been in breach of these guidelines and to have incurred a penalty or penalties according to the above schedule of penalties. If a group is subject to penalty, all penalties will be applied to the checkpoint hole where the breach occurred.




The PCGA expects all contestants, caddies, gallery, and guests to exhibit proper conduct and behavior on the golf course and anywhere on club property. Unbecoming conduct or behavior may be grounds for immediate disqualification, at any time. The following are some examples of unbecoming conduct or behavior:


  • Repeated use of loud, abusive, and/or profane language
  • Throwing and/or breaking equipment (club, ball, etc.) in anger or frustration
  • Damaging host club, PCGA, and/or fellow contestant property
  • Public criticism or verbal abuse of host club, officials, volunteers or staff, and/or PCGA volunteers,        staff or fellow contestants
  • Potential endangerment of others
  • Intentionally violating stated club policy
  • Violation of PCGA Dress Code and/or Footwear Policy
  • Other conduct deemed unbecoming

The Committee in charge of the competition shall be the sole judge of determining Conduct Code violations.


PACIFIC COAST AMATEUR WEB SITE - www.pacificcoastamateur.com

Players are encouraged to visit the Championship web site at www.pacificcoastamateur.com, which includes a list of players with bio’s and other pertinent information.  Live Scoring updates throughout the Championship will also be featured on the web site July 23 through the final round on July 26.


If you have questions about media or social media, contact pcgamedia@gmail.com

We welcome you to join our conversation on;

Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram - #PACCoast, #TheOlympicClub, & @pacificcoastam
Facebook - www.facebook.com/PacificCoastAmateur
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If you need to contact the PCGA staff prior to the Championship, you may do so as follows:

PCGA office – Federal Way, WA

1-800-643-6410 (office)


PCGA Executive Director, Troy Andrew - (206) 399-8452 - troy.andrew@thepnga.org     
PCGA Staff, Torrin Westwood – (360) 301-9038 – torrin.westwood@thepnga.org

PCGA Staff/Media Director, Vinny Fiorino – (253) 279-3709 – vinny.fiorino@thepnga.org