•    This is a two-person best ball; the low score on each hole will be recorded for the team (this is not discriminating male or female players).
•    Teams will be placed into flights after Saturdays Round. Teams will remain in their respective flights after Saturday's round. After Sundays round, teams will be placed into upper and lower divisions.Once placed in the upper or lower bracket, teams will remain there for Monday's final round regardless of number of strokes improved.

        **The "7 Shot" rule will be in effect on Sunday ONLY. If you improve 7 shots your team WILL move up a flight.    
•    In the event of ties, The Championship flight will have a sudden death playoff between all tied teams. For all other flights there will be a scorecard playoff, decided by the best score on the concealed Hole for that day. There are all three days in sealed envelopes in the safe.
•    Slow Play: there will be one (1) warning for slow play by the rules committee; thereafter a two­stroke penalty will be assessed to the proper team.



•    Winning Teams determined by scorecard playoff prior to the final day will move up in their flight. This may mean that a tie will move your team to the bottom of the next flight up.
•    There are Closest to the Pin Contests on all Par 3's for all three days. Each winner will earn a $125.00 Gift Certificate in the Golf Shop. These contests are for all players there will not be separate contests for men and women.
•    Skins will be offered for all three days as a package, you must sign up for all three days at first registration on Saturday. You may not get into the skins after the first day. 

           *1st day skins will be everybody

           **Skins for Sunday and Monday will be paid within flights.

           ***The skins are not paid to both male and female players but to the lowest score on the hole.