Spectator/Parent Conduct Policy


The SNJGA encourages spectators/parents to come and watch their children play. When you come to watch your player play in an SNJGA tournament, you should keep in mind that the competition is between him or her and the rest of the field. You should never involve yourself with the players in any way that could be considered unethical or impolite. As such, please observe the following regulations:

  • Spectators are asked to adhere to the host course dress code
  • Spectators must remain on the cart path at all times or at least 30 yards away from the group if a cart path is not available.
  • Do NOT go on the tee boxes, fairways, or greens.
  • Spectators/parents MUST NOT give any rulings on the course. A parent/spectator may use their phone to call for an official.
  • Spectators/Parents are not allowed in the scoring area and are not allowed to interfere with scoring on the course or at the scoring area. Players are responsible for keeping their own score and the score of other players in the group. If there is a discrepancy in scores, the players are responsible for figuring it out. Any scores that a parent or spectator kept on their own are inadmissible and cannot be considered for official scoring purposes.
  • Any verbal or non-verbal contact could be construed as giving advice, which is against the Rules of Golf. Conversations with players are not permitted.
  • Cell phones must be kept on silent. If you need to make a phone call, you must leave the course and go into the clubhouse or away from players.
  • Zero tolerance for physical abuse, threat of physical abuse, verbal abuse, slander or libel towards other players, parents, coaches, sponsors, host golf course staff or members, SNJGA staff or volunteers.
  • Suspension could also result from actions that are disruptive to other players or parents or create an unfavorable image of the association. A parent/spectator that performs an act considered to be unsportsmanlike conduct will have the incident reviewed by the SNJGA Tournament Committee to determine if further action including suspension is warranted. This is by no means a complete list of violations, therefore, the SNJGA may suspend a parent/spectator for unbecoming conduct.
  • Spectator cart availability will vary by course. Spectator carts are not guaranteed and if offered by a course will be on a first come first serve basis. The course reserves the right to establish a cart rental fee that will be paid directly to the course. *Please note: If you have a hadnicap or medical issue that requires a cart, please email gmckay@snga.org in advance of the tournament so we can make sure there is a cart available. 




Failure to follow these guidelines will result in:

Removal from the golf course, clubhouse area, suspension of spectator privileges and will be taken for any spectator that shows lack of respect for volunteers, rules officials or SNJGA staff.

Immediate suspension of spectator privileges for obscene, abusive, or vulgar language or any physical contact with anyone with the intent to do bodily harm