Northern California Golf Association

 California Senior Amateur Qualifying

Poppy Ridge Golf Course

Chardonnay / Zinfandel

September 28, 2020


Player Information Sheet


Club Information:

Poppy Ridge Golf Course

4280 Greenville Road

Livermore, CA 94550

(925) 447-6779



Note: Masks are required around the clubhouse area.



18 holes of individual stroke play. Players will play from the Blue tee markers wherever they are situated (see Yardage Information). The low individual scores will advance to the 29th Annual California Senior Amateur Championship at Poppy Hills Golf Course in Pebble Beach, CA on November 9-11, 2020. Ties for the final qualifying spot and/or position of alternates will be broken by the USGA recommended method of matching scorecards (Committee Procedures, Section 5A(6)).


Note: The Chardonnay course will be holes 1 through 9; the Zinfandel course will be holes 10 through 18.


Competition Schedule:

The first starting time is at 8:00 AM off Holes #1 and #10. Players should be at their assigned tee immediately following the group in front of them.  Please do not congregate near the starting tees. Pairings and Starting Times will be posted on or before Monday, September 21st.



Caddies are not permitted at any NCGA event until further notice.


Practice Round Information:

Practice rounds must be booked in advance. Please contact the course for the most up to date rate information.


Local Rules / Hole Locations / Scorecards:

All paperwork will be available for players on or before Sunday, September 27th via the links below:


No paper materials will be provided or available on site.


Food and Beverage Availability:

Mulligan’s snack bar will be open at 6:30 AM. Outside alcoholic beverages are prohibited. The Grill will be open at 11:00 AM for outdoor dining only on the patio.


Practice Facilities:

The driving range is open and spaced for safe distancing. We ask players to limit their warm-up and arrival time. The practice putting and chipping greens are available only for the 2nd and 3rd up groups, meaning within 20 minutes of your starting time. Please do not use the practice greens prior to 20 minutes before your starting time. 


Player Cart Information:

Golf carts are $20 and optional at the player’s expense. Golf carts are limited to one rider per cart unless you are from the same household. There is no guarantee that there will be enough carts for everyone. Spectator carts are prohibited.


Caddie Information:

Caddies are not permitted at any NCGA event until further notice.


Additional Information:

Prior to the event, you must make yourself familiar with the Player Handbook, Hard Card and Pace of Play Policy.  You, the player, are responsible for knowing this information.



Players are expected to download the USGA TM app (or GolfGenius). If you have previously downloaded the app please make sure you have the most up to date version. The player GGID will be given to you on the first tee by the starter.

  •  DURING THE ROUND - Within the group, players will be marking for one other player (just as you would with a paper scorecard). The electronic scorecard has a section for "Marker's Notes". This is the equivalent to the tear strip at the top of a scorecard where the marker may keep his or her own scores. 
  • WHEN IS ROUND IS COMPLETED - At the end of the round, all players in the group must report any rules issues to the committee and confirm hole-by-hole scores are correct.  If there are any discrepancies between your "Marker's Notes" and the scores your marker entered for you, they will be highlighted in yellow.
  • CERTIFYING SCORES - Once all scores are correct you will be prompted to "Certify as Marker" and then you will move to "My Scores", located at the top of your screen, and then be prompted to "Certify as Player".  This is the equivalent of signing a paper scorecard and satisfies the requirements of Rule 3.3b. Scores will be considered to be official and returned once the player has left the defined scoring area, the scoring area will be defined within The Notice to Players. 
  • Staff contact information is available in the Notice to Players linked above if you have any questions after your round. 


Code of Conduct – Flagstick:

The flagstick must not be moved or deliberately touched by hand during the round, including with a gloved hand or a towel wrapped around the flagstick.  Any player who deliberately ignores this code of conduct policy will be considered guilty of Serious Misconduct (see Rule 1.2b), the penalty for which is Disqualification.


Holing Out:

Poppy Ridge GC has installed a foam insert that allows the ball to fall into the hole part way, while making the ball easily retrievable to minimize shared contact points.  The foam is treated as part of the flagstick, and if any part of the ball is below the surface of the putting green and is resting on that device or leaning against the flagstick, the ball is treated as holed.  However, a ball that hits the foam and does not come to rest with any part of the ball within the hole below the surface of the putting green is not holed.


Preferred Lies in Bunker:

When a player’s ball lies in a bunker, the player may take free relief once by placing the original ball or another ball in and playing it from this relief area:

  • Reference Point:  Spot of the original ball
  • Size of Relief Area Measured from Reference Point: Six inches from the reference point, but with these limits:
  • Limits on Location of Relief Area:
    • Must not be nearer the hole than the reference point, and
    • Must be in the same bunker.

In proceeding under this Local Rule, the player must choose a spot to place the ball and use the procedures for replacing a ball under Rule 14.2b(2) and 14.2e.

Deciding Ties:

Ties for the final qualifying spot and/or position of alternates will be broken by the USGA recommended method of matching scorecards (Committee Procedures, Section 5A(6)).



Any questions concerning this event should be directed to the NCGA Rules and Competitions Office at 831-625-4653.