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Welcome to the Bey Lea Golf Course (Mondays) League Page


10 week season begins Monday, April 13th!  June 15th


Register as 1-4 players to join this season. Teams of 4 to be formed.


Teams and divisions for all skill levels (See registration form)


2020 Weekly Points System

Based on Team Score
1st Place – 100 Points
2nd Place – 90 Points
3rd Place – 85 Points
4th Place – 80 Points
5th Place – 75 Points
6th Place – 70 Points
7th-Xth Place – 65 Points


Team points accumulate each round of the season. Bye week on Monday, May 25th (Memorial Day).


For more information, e-mail play@twilightgolfassociation.com or call 1-855-565-4653 (GOLF).


To have access to all information, golfers must be registered for Bey Lea Golf Course (Mondays) and sign in with a username and password, or sign in with a GolfGeniusID (GGID) provided by the League Coordinator.


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