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HHMC Updates and Reminders:


Dear Members,


Quick Notes:


Tournament Money is on the books at the Pro Shop. We have extended the time members have to spend their winnings to March 15, 2021. This date has changed due to inaccurate information from the pro shop. The Board wants to keep 2020 and 2021 budget separate to comply with best accounting practices. Go to the HHMC 2020 website on Golf Genius, Results, and 2020 Tournament Payouts to find your total winnings. Over 75% of members had some tournament winnings in 2020. Congratulations! 


Please contact the Pro Shop and they will help you order. It is helpful to first look over websites of the merchandise you might want. i.e. Taylor Made, Footjoy or Titleist website(s) for, golf clubs, balls, gloves, shirts, shoes, rain suits, or the awesome looking president floppy hat etc.


It’s best to call when the course is not busy, bad weather, etc. Allen recommends emailing all of these people so they can work on it even if one of them is not working that day.


Val –      Isa – Grant


RENEW NOW!! $105.00 to renew, $5.00 hole in one, $110.00 for both. Please renew by March 1. After that date there will be a $25.00 late fee to renew and reactivate your handicap. We need this time to prepare for our first tournament at the end of March.


For those of you fortunate enough to have reached the age of 75 and been a member for 15 consecutive years, your honorary membership fee is $45 (which covers the cost of your handicap) and $5.00 for the hole in one. $50.00 for both.


Early Bird Special - NOW is the time to ask friends about joining for the Early Bird price of $150 ($155 with hole in one).


We are in the process of getting the tournament schedule set and handicap/rules changes ready to go.


Important Updates and Reminders

  • The Board has decided that we will be accepting renewals and new member applications electronically and online only for 2021. More information will be provided as we get closer. Renewals and the Early Bird Special start January 1 and end on March 1 so talk to your friends about joining. Please feel free to contact any board member for help or questions on renewing or having friends join. “The Box” may become a relic of the past.
  • Skins for 2021 and beyond will be via Venmo only.



  • Now – February 28 – Members must spend their tournament winnings in the Pro Shop.
  • January 1 – February 28 – Member Renewal ($105.00, $5.00 hole in one, $110.00 both), Early Bird New Member ($150.00, $5.00 hole in one, $155.00 both) Registration window
  • March 1 – Members not renewed are removed from GHIN.
  • March 18 – Kickoff Tournament and Banquet signups are due by 5:00PM
  • March 26 – Kickoff Banquet, 6:30PM, Ciancio’s
  • March 27 – Kickoff Tournament (A,B,C,D assigned)
  • April 3 – Kickoff Tournament snow date

*denotes one of the HHMC Major Tournaments


Tournament PlayHHMC sets all tournament tee times. Members need to call the Pro Shop AFTER we post the tee sheets Wednesday mornings. You MUST pay at least 24-hours in advance. Annuals and Player Passes are accepted over the phone.

* Shotgun starts aren't currently allowed. Assigned tee times only.



  • Venmo! HHMC is using the Venmo app for skins payments (pay for skins and get paid for wins).
  • Please send Warren a friend request on Venmo for future skins payments (to pay and get paid) @Warren-Blair
  • Venmo is a secure, online, payment transaction app with no transaction fees.
  • @Warren-Blair is a separate account used to track all payments (reviewed by the Board for accuracy). Members can pay via Venmo for friends, other players, or during team events. Just enter who you're paying for (tourney, Gross/Net, or both). Members paying for others are responsible for collecting from the member(s) they paid for.
  • Please download the app, use it, and enjoy the ease of paying for things. Ask your kids, they use it every day.


Wednesday NightersWe're NOT allowed to congregate on the first tee. Assigned foursomes go at their assigned times. You MUST register online the Thursday prior and call-in to pay! Food will be served after on the patio. Carts are on an “as available” basis and not guaranteed. One person should act as the designated scorer using their foursome's GGID code and enter the gross scores for your group. Any complaints will ensure you go last in every tournament!



Scorecards: Golf Genius automatically scores when you enter your GROSS score by hole.

  • Golf Genius scoring Only: One player in each foursome MUST enter the scores in Golf Genius for all players. At the end of the round, all players must verbally state their score is correct on each hole of the "e-card" before submitting. Players may be disqualified if they don't accurately review their e-card verbally with the person submitting the Golf Genius group score.



Season-Long Best Ball

  • $10 gross, $10 net, or $20 gross/net. Pay online. The more tournaments you play, the better you can do. Sign-up any time during the season, but signing-up earlier increases your chances of a better overall season score!
  • We'll keep track of your season-long best balls through Golf Genius (tournament play only) throughout the year. Payouts are based on the number of entries and pay-out approximately 30% of the field.
  • The following tournaments are a part of the Season-Long Best Ball:
  • Kickoff; 3-2-1; Rudden; Partner Best Ball; Match Play; Hyland MIST; Medal Play; Mid-Am/Senior/Super-Senior; and Dalton
  • Must enter a score on each hole. If you pick-up, input what you would've most-likely scored (or net-double-bogey). 


Hyland Cup Points (Like the FedEx Cup) = Free!

  • All members are eligible to participate and there is NO charge (we'll see how it goes and what changes are needed).


  • Points awarded for each regular tournament you enter:
  • 10 Hyland Cup Points for each regular tournament you enter: Kickoff; 3-2-1; Heaven and Hell; 4-Man Shamble; 2-Man Shamble; Ryder Cup; and Orange Peel
  • 15 Hyland Cup Points for the Rudden, Sunrise Scotch, and Dalton
  • 20 Hyland Cup Points for each “Major” tournament you enter. Majors are: Partner Best Ball; Medal Play; Match Play and Mid-am/Senior/Super-Senior (the Senior is the actual major).
  • 40 Hyland Cup Points for entering the Hyland MIST (member/member and member/guest)


Tournament Hyland Cup Point Payouts:

  • 1st Place and ties: each player receives 50 Hyland Points
  • 2nd Place and ties: each player receives 40 Hyland Points
  • 3rd Place and ties: each player receives 30 Hyland Points
  • 4th Place and ties: each player receives 20 Hyland Points
  • 5th Place and ties: each player receives 10 Hyland Points


Payouts are for 2021 renewal credit only:

  • 1st Place = $100 credit for 2021 renewal
  • 2nd Place = $75 credit for 2021 renewal
  • 3rd Place = $50 credit for 2021 renewal
  • 4th Place = $25 credit for 2021 renewal
  • Ties will be combined from the above


New Members:

  • Join Colorado’s best men’s club and play on Colorado’s #1 public golf course! We invite you to click on the following link to read our Hyland Hills Prospective Members Welcome's You to Join Letter (PDF), which tells more about the fun and challenging course we play, our tournament events, and other important facts.
  • If you're interested in joining the friendliest and finest club in Colorado, download and complete the following form: New Member Application (PDF)


Member Renewal: 

  • Renew your membership before March 1st annually.
  • Download and complete the following form: Member Renewal Form (PDF) and include it with payment in Men's Club Pro Shop drop-box. You'll be given a chance to add the optional $5 Hole-In-One club during the process.
  • Email, Cell Phone, and Date of Birth are required for the online renewal.


Best Practices: 

World Handicap System: Effective January 5, 2020, the USGA implemented the World Handicap System:

  • Players are able to establish a Handicap Index after as little as three scores
  • Player’s Handicap Index is calculated using the best 8 out of their 20 most recently recorded scores
  • The Course Rating and Slope Rating will be fundamental within the Handicap Index calculation
  • The maximum hole score for handicap purposes is a Net Double Bogey (+ any pops on that hole)
  • Handicap Index will update the day after a score is posted to the player’s scoring record, providing players with a responsive measure of their ability
  • A Playing Conditions Calculation identifies and accounts for abnormal course or weather conditions
  • Safeguards limit the extreme upward movement of a Handicap Index and reduce a Handicap Index when an exceptional score is submitted 


Pace of Play Guidelines: All groups must keep up with the group in front of them and be ready to hit when fairway or green clears. Any group one hole, or more, behind the group in front will receive a warning to pull into position within two holes. Play FAST! Any group that has not moved into noticeably better position (less than one hole behind) within 2 holes will receive a 2-stroke penalty for each player in the group.

  • All members must be ready to help with the pin if players want it in or out. Players may continue to finish putting out if they so decide and it would not interfere with another player’s line (except Match Play unless both players agree). This helps with Pace of Play!
  • The 3-minute clock for searching for golf balls starts at the time players are near the vicinity of where they believe their ball landed.
  • Each player should make their stroke within 40 seconds of reaching their ball. This includes surveying the shot, lining up, practice shots and all “waggles”. HIT the Ball!
  • Each player in your group is responsible for keeping their group in position!
  • Balls in penalty areas should not be retrieved if group is not in position. Take your drop and play!
  • Any disrespect towards the Board Member or Marshall when being asked to close the gap or being assessed the 2-stroke penalty or, at any other time, will result in an automatic individual or team disqualification from the tournament and could also face expulsion from the club for violating the bylaws. Board and General Members (or others TBD) may be on the course as Pace of Play Marshalls for any and all tournaments and must be treated respectfully.


Club Information: