Welcome to the 2020 Winter Indoor League


The leagues are a great way to play golf dring the fall and winter months!  The emphasis is on fun with friendly competition.  We want to always keep that in mind.




The Winter League will start on 12/30 and end on 4/12.



  • 2-person teams.
  • Monday’s thru Sunday’s.
  • 5 Divisions:  4 Men’s Division and a Women/Couples Division.



  • Winter League Registration Fee:  $25 pp
  • Weekly Action:  $10 per team (Team skins and pins; must be prepaid this year)
  • Weekly 9-Hole Greens Fee: 1 hour of simulator time (per teams) depending on day of week selected (1.5 hour is available for those wanting to warm up…per team)



  • There will be a maximum score of an 8 per hole.
  • You cannot tee the ball up anywhere except on your first shot off of the tee box. This includes using the small tees that help to barely prop your ball up off of the ground. Those are not to be used to give you a better lie in the rough or fairway.
  • All scoring will be completed via Golf Genius online. One player from each team must download the GG app for online scoring.
  • You must complete a paper scorecard every week and it must be signed by you and your teammate. You must also attach a “paid” receipt so we know you played.
  • The format will be individual stroke play. Scoring will vary between 2-ball best ball and 2-ball best ball aggregate, gross and net.
  • A team can play anytime Monday thru Saturday and must make their tee time online.  We encourage making multiple times through the month.
  • “Permanent” tee times only made with Commissioner approval.
  • Tee times should be made online.
  • If you cannot make a week, you can make it up “ahead” rather than “behind” the assigned week.  This will insure timely scoring.  Delays in timeliness will result in ‘penalty score’ posting.
  • Both players must have a 2019 GHIN Card.  Handicaps will be adjusted weekly based on scores. Complaints about handicap adjustments will result in additional adjustment(s).
  • League winnings and weekly action will be paid in Pro Shop Credits!
  • Tees by Flights (determined by aggregate handicap of team)