Welcome to the 2020 Girl's Jr Amateur Tournament portal!



Girls 5-7 play 3 holes; 8-9, 5 holes; 10-13, 9 holes; 14-18, 18 holes.  3 and 5 holes are played on Cedar.  9 and 18 holes are played on Aspen and Birch.  


To respect social distancing for the health and safety of our golfers and spectators, the following will be followed for the 2020 McCall Junior Amateur


  • Tee times for all levels


  • Golfers report to their first tee about 5 minutes before their assigned time where they will receive their tee prize


  • Flight Information, Daily Tee Times, Hole Assignments and Results will only be posted on the Girl's Jr Am site under tee sheet and results Golf Genius portal (portal address-www.golfgenius.com/ggid/tmdukp)


  • Juniors playing 9 or 18 holes will be playing max double par +1 scoring.*  There will be official scorerkeepers for the 9 hole players; 18 hole players score each other.


  • Signed scorecards are to be turned in to the basket on the scoring table. Check results on Golf Genius


  • Social Distancing will be required of golfers and gallery, and enforced by the marshals - warning first time, DQ of golfer second time


  • No touching the flag stick - warning first time, DQ second time



If anyone is feeling sick or knows they have been exposed to the virus, please call us to withdraw, stay home and join us next year.




* How Double Par +1 Scoring Works

If the number of strokes equals double par before the ball is in the hole, pick up and add 1 additional stroke to the double par number.  For example, double par on a par 4 is 8. If the ball is picked up after 8 strokes, the recorded score for the hole is 9 = 8 (double par) +1. The maximum score on any golfers scorecard cannot exceed the following:


PAR              MAX SCORE

Par 3      7
Par 4        9
Par 5                     11








If you have any questions, please contact Lynne Edwards, Tournament Director at mcgctdir@gmail.com or 208-634-9581.