2020 Captial City Championship (2-Day Event) 







LOCATION:  Highlands Golf Course (Day 1)                                 Mahoney Golf Course (Day 2)

                    5501 NW 12 St                                               7900 Adams St     

                  Lincoln, NE 68521                                           Lincoln, NE 68507   

                  402-441-6081                                                  402-441-8969 


SITE DIRECTORS: Nebraska Junior Golf Staff


FIELD SIZE: 18 spots open in each age division. Wait lists will be available and open spots after the deadline will be filled from the waitlist.

DATE: Monday, July 13th—Tuesday, July 14th, 2020


REGISTRATION: Check in is available no more than 30 minutes prior to your tee time.


PRACTICE AREAS: Practice areas will be available 30 minutes prior to your tee time. Players must check in before using practice areas. 


CADDIES: All players must walk and carry their own bag or use a pull cart. Caddies are prohibited (spectators are allowed and encouraged).


RANGEFINDERS: The use of Distance Measuring Devices is permitted. (Rule 4.3)


GOLF BALLS: Only brands of golf balls on the most current USGA List of Conforming Golf Balls may be used. 


STARTING TIMES: This event will have tee times starting at 7:30 am both days. Starting times can be obtained by going to the PAIRINGS tab on top of this page. Starting times for day 2 will be adjusted based on day 1 results with the lowest scores starting latest in each division. 


TRANSPORTATION: Transportation is prohibited during the round. Players shall walk at all times during the stipulated round unless otherwise specified by the Committee. Pull/push carts are permitted.


FOOD & BEVERAGE: Due to COVID-19, Food and Beverage operations will be at the discretion of the host facility.


AWARDS: There will be no awards ceremony. Awards will be either mailed or delivered at a future event. 


HOSTS: Professionals— Denis Vontz, PGA (Highlands) & Jon Benson, PGA (Mahoney)