Welcome to the Walnut Creek Men’s Golf Club


The club prides itself on being involved in the community, being friendly and giving all members the opportunity to make new friends. Memberships are available for resident (Walnut Creek) and non-resident Men, Women, and Juniors with Regular, Summer Member, and e-Member divisions.


Membership(s) are open year round. Please drop us a note if you have any questions on Membership or the Club. Email to WCMGCGOLF@gmail.com  


We also have an agreement with Boundary Oaks that provides resident discounts. $20 for two years saves you a bunch of money. You will need a hard copy of a utility bill (PG&E, water, etc.) when signing up. Please stop in the Pro Shop to set up your resident card. Those that have a card already we do ask you check in the Pro Shop and make sure you are not expiring soon.


The club is registered with the USGA and the Northern California Golf Association providing all members access to the handicap (GHIN) system; NCGA tournament play and privileges; local club meetings; and tournament events throughout the year.


The WCMGC conducts 20 plus tournaments of various formats and for all levels of players annually at Boundary Oak including: Club Championship, Individual and Team Match Play with (3) flights for play at all levels. Scratch and handicap tournaments, weekly “skins” games, and fun scramble events fill up the club’s calendar.  Almost all tournaments are conducted on weekend mornings to accommodate the working golfer. Tee times are also available early Monday and Wednesday mornings for weekday play.

The WCMGC has an elected board of directors plus appointed committee members with each member serving a three-year term. The BOD meets regularly to plan events, manage the budget, and ensure competitions are played fairly. The operations and viability of the club counts on the volunteers who support the Board, Tournaments, Membership and Treasury. These are non-compensated volunteers with membership fees waived in lieu of their service to the club throughout the year. If you can help us, volunteer!


If you are interested in membership, please check the "Memberships" menu for further details and pricing.  If you have decided to join please "Sign In/Register" in the menu bar, once you have Registered you can select Memberships and proceed.


We look forward to seeing you at our events.


Board of Directors, WCMGC