Welcome to the 2020 CommonGround Men’s Club.  You must register online to become a member of the Club and be eligible for tournament play.  


Current/Past Members of CommonGround Men's Club


If you have been a member of the CommonGround Men's Club in the past:


1) Click on the Register Now Button on the left of the Homepage.  If prompted to sign in, then sign in using the following



2) Click the blue Register Now button on the left.


3) Click Submit Registration for Approval


4) Search for your name


5) Pay your annual fee


Once your renewal has been accepted in the Club, you will receive email instructions with your personalized login instructions.  This is the new Men's Club website and where you will register for all events.  Feel free to update your Profile under the Social tab.  Your annual fee includes your 2020 handicap and CGA Membership.


Brand New Members


If you have never been a member of the Club, please email Andy Harwood prior to registering  at: mensclub@commongroundgc.com with the following information:


1) Name

2) Email

3) GHIN #


If you don't have a GHIN number, we simply your Name and Email to add you to the GHIN system before you can register.


Once Andy sets you up in the system, he will email you back and you will be able to register and join the Club using the Current Member registration instructions above.


Please be patient after sending information. Expect it to take a few days at a minimum and maybe through the upcoming weekend to attend to all of the emails. 




“Keep It In The Short Grass”