Open Flights - 2020 City Championship Tee Sheet

Final - Sun, March 1

TPC Harding Park
Time Players
Note: The main tee is the White tee. Players on different tees are indicated above.
TPC Harding Park
Player Tee Time Tee Other Players
Barton, Guillermo 10:30 AM White Vickram, Abi
Chatfield, Jay 10:50 AM White Kho, Rod
Diaz, Enrico 10:40 AM White Meiswinkel, Frederick
Harrington, Ken 10:20 AM White Quint, Christian
Jin, Mika 11:00 AM Red - Ladies' Sangha, Aman
Kho, Rod 10:50 AM White Chatfield, Jay
Meiswinkel, Frederick 10:40 AM White Diaz, Enrico
Quint, Christian 10:20 AM White Harrington, Ken
Sangha, Aman 11:00 AM Red - Ladies' Jin, Mika
Vickram, Abi 10:30 AM White Barton, Guillermo