Evacuation Plan—In the event of a suspension of play for a dangerous situation, players on holes #1,2(tee/fairway),9,10,11,12(tee/fairway),13(green),14(tee) & 18 should return immediately to the Clubhouse.  Players on holes #,12(green),13 (tee/fairway),14(fairway/green) & 15 should go to the Simons House.  Players on holes #2(green),3,4,5,6 & 17(tee) should proceed to the Bathroom Area near Hole #6 tee.  Players on holes #7 & 8 should go to the shelter near 8 tee.  Players on holes #16 & 17 should go to the shelter near 17 tee.
There are 5 shelter points on the golf course: 1. #6 Tee 2. Simons Halfway House 3. #8 Tee 4. #17 Tee 5. Clubhouse
Competitors are to remain at these shelters until the WPGA official in charge decides to either: (1) resume play or (2) bring everyone back to the clubhouse.