1. The Rules of the USGA govern play, except as modified by the following local rules.

2. All play will be from the White tee markers.

3. Ball must be played as it lies.

4. All areas of the golf course that are to be played as ground under repair are circled in white.  Players should proceed under rule#25 and drop their ball within one club       length of the nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole without penalty.

5. Flag Designations: Red: Front Pin; White: Middle Pin; Blue: Back Pin

6. Embedded ball rule in effect through the green.

7. If in doubt, play a provisional ball (Rule 3, 3-3) if you are un-certain of where your ball ended up.  IT WILL SAVE TIME.  On Hole # 15 there is a considerable amount of thick grass in the woods on the right. 

8. Drop Zone for #17 located on the Forward Tee to the right – 103 yds.

Rules Questions:  There will be rules officials available to answer questions or concerns.




  When in doubt as to a procedure, and a rules official is not close by, the player may play two balls in accordance with Rule 3-3. Doubt as to Procedure.

White stakes define:  OUT OF BOUNDS

Red Stakes define: LATERAL HAZARDS

Yellow Stakes define: WATER HAZARDS



It is the responsibility of every player in the group to maintain her pace of play.  Under Rule 6-7 of the USGA Rules of Golf, the following pace of play policy will be in effect for this competition:

  1.   Any group will be considered “out of position” if it:

             a.     Falls one or more holes behind the previous group, and

             b.     Has taken more than an average of 15 minutes per hole.

  1.   A player will be allowed 40 seconds to play each stroke. The timing of her stroke will begin when the player has had reasonable opportunity to reach her ball, and she could play without interference by another person or another ball.  If a competitor exceeds the allotted time, penalties are as follows:   

                *First offense – Warning, no penalty stroke

                *Second offense – One penalty stroke

                *Third offense – Two penalty strokes

A subsequent offense may result in disqualification  


NOTE:  Once a player has received a warning, she is subject to second, third and subsequent penalties during the remainder of the stipulated round, even if her group is no longer out of position.  We do not wish to assess penalties for slow play, but in consideration of all concerned, we must insist on a reasonable pace of play.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.