97th Nebraska Women's Match Play Championship Tee Sheet

Finals - Wed, July 22

Kearney Country Club
Time Players
Note: The main tee is the NWAGA tee.
Kearney Country Club
Player Tee Time Tee Other Players
Chris Seberger Grand Island 7:30 AM NWAGA Sally Bryson
Hannah Hunke Snyder 8:00 AM Championship Katie Ruge
Karsen Morrison North Platte 7:50 AM Championship Lacie Fox
Katie Ruge Omaha 8:00 AM Championship Hannah Hunke
Kelly Nelson Lincoln 7:40 AM NWAGA Sandy Janssen
Lacie Fox Beemer 7:50 AM Championship Karsen Morrison
Sally Bryson Kearney 7:30 AM NWAGA Chris Seberger
Sandy Janssen Kearney 7:40 AM NWAGA Kelly Nelson