Welcome to the Ladies League 2020


Here are the highlights of the 2020 Ladies League...

Shotgun Start: We will continue with a 5:15 p.m. shotgun start each Wednesday, starting on JUNE 3rd. If
you are going to be late, please call the Pro Shop so they can advise your group to wait for you. If you cannot
attend, please call the Pro Shop and call or text Karen to advise.


***We have decided to impose a 10 point penalty for a no call/no-show – please, please let us know if you can’t attend so the groups can be evened out and so that your group is not waiting for you unnecessarily.

12 Weeks: League will again be 12 weeks, with 2 weeks of Team playoffs at the end of the season. We start
on June 3rd and finish on September 2nd. (See calendar)


Two Competitions in One: We will have both Flighted Individual competition (same as before), as well as
Team Competition (A,B,C,D). The teams will be selected by the Pro Shop in advance based on handicaps and
Flight. The playoffs at the end of the season will be to determine winners of Team Competition only.
Individual winners will be decided by Stableford points (same as always).


Scoring: We will continue to use Stableford points this year, and the Pro Shop will once again do all scoring for
you each week (no math) !! You must turn your scorecard in to the Pro Shop for points to be awarded.
We will again be taking your 10 Best Scores from the 12 weeks to determine flight winners. BUT, please call if
you are choosing to skip a week for whatever reason, so that you and your team don’t receive the 10 point

Makeups: Since we are now doing a shotgun start, no makeups will be allowed. Instead, if you miss a week,
you will receive the same points as the lowest scoring lady in your flight – as long as you let us know in
advance (otherwise the 10 point penalty will come into play). Don’t forget – your two lowest scores will not
be counted !