Welcome to the Mitten Golf Tour!  


To become a 2023 Mitten Golf Tour Member, please complete both of the following steps by clicking below or using the Registration drop down menu above:


Step #1. Create Your GolfGenius Profile (if you don't already have one)

Step #2. Register/Pay for Mitten Golf Membership 





As a reminder, Mitten Golf Tour Members receive the following benefits:


  1. Order of Merit Prize Competition: "Team of the Year" Competition with $1000s in prizes awarded to the Top 10 Teams!  Prizes include $500 to Arcadia Bluffs & much more!


  2. Registration Discounts: $10/team discount on every event registration!


  3. Majors Contests: Free Entry into our Majors Pools.  Each Major of the year, we host a free Members pool with $100s in prizes awarded!





If you have any questions, please email david@mittengolftour.com!