2021 Monday Morning Ladies 18 Hole League

Dear Ladies Morning Golfers,

Hope everyone is surviving winter and staying healthy. Oneka Ridge Golf Course will be starting a new Monday morning lady 18-hole league. We will still offer the Wednesday morning ladies league, but we will not be blocking any turn times to play 18 holes. This will only be a 9-hole league. If you would like to play 18 holes you will have to sign up for the Monday morning league.

The league dues for the Monday morning 18-hole league will be $90. This will include you GHIN fee and some lunches after golf. The league will start on Monday April 26th and end on Monday September 12th. We will be having an opening meeting on Monday April 19th at 10AM in the Oneka Ridge clubhouse. In this meeting we will go over the schedule of events and the season long Oneka Cup points race.

Cost per round:

*Weekly costs = Walking - $25 + $5 game = $30 Riding - $25 + $13 cart + $5 game = $43.

*Oneka will have brand new carts this summer.

- HOLE-IN-ONE INSURANCE: *$5 in the pot for a hole-in-one. This will be paid out for the first Hole in One made. After someone makes a hole in one we will start this insurance over.

Tee Times will go as follows:

* You will be able to pick your own tee time & sign up to 4 people each week. You can always just sign yourself up anytime.

*When the game is a 2-person event, you can only sign up 2 people that day. This will be the team for that event.

*If you have an uneven number for any of the team events, a blind draw will be used for scoring that day. The same blind draw will be used for all teams that need one.

*GOLF GENIUS will be used for signing up for tee times.

*There will be an opening time to start signing up for the week & a closing time: Opening time will be Monday at 4:00 & closing will be Saturday at 12 noon.


If you have questions or concerns, feel free to email us!

We look forward to seeing you at the opening meeting!


Jon Hatcher, PGA                                                                               Mike Awaijane, PGA Associate        

PGA Head Golf Professional                                                              PGA Associate Assistant Golf Professional

Jonhatcher@onekaridgegc.com                                                         Mikeawaijane@onekaridgegc.com