The Critchley Salver is open to lady amateur golfers only.







  1. The competition will be 36 hole scratch medal over one day, with 18 holes played on the New Course in morning and 18 holes on the Old Course in the afternoon.


  1. The winner will be the player with the lowest aggregate gross score. In the event of any tie, prizes will be decided with count backs over the second round, followed by the score over the back nine holes. If there is still a tie the result will be determined on the basis of the last 6 holes, last 3 holes and finally the 18th hole. If this countback procedure does not produce a winner the overall result will be a tie.


  1. Playing partners and tee times will be allotted by the Club.


  1. Players will be provided with a buffet lunch.


  1. A practice round is available after 3pm on Monday 24th May. No practice rounds or practice at the club will be permitted before this time. Tee times must be booked through the Caddiemaster.


  1. Competitors wishing to reserve a caddie should contact the Caddiemaster on 01344 626 064.






  1. Entries will be accepted only from lady Amateur golfers whose handicap does not exceed FIVE strokes. 
  2. In the event of applications exceeding 36 the higher handicap players will be balloted out immediately after the closing date.
  3. Entries open via Golf Genius on Monday 1st March and close on Friday 7th May 2021.
  4. The Committee reserves the right to accept or refuse or subsequently reject any entry without giving reasons for its decision. 




  1. The winner will hold the title for one year and will be presented with the Critchley Salver which will be retained by the Club.
  2. The winner will receive an engraved Armada dish.
  3. Vouchers will be given to players in the first five places, and the best round on the each course.
  4. No player to win more than one prize.




The Critchley Salver at Sunningdale on Tuesday 25th May 2021 will be combined with the Astor Salver at The Berkshire on Wednesday 2nd June 2021 to create the Critchley Astor Salver. Both events will be run separately with their own prizes, but the combined totals over 72 holes will qualify for the purposes of WAGR points.