USGA Rules of Golf


All WJGA events will be conducted under the USGA Rules of Golf. It is the player's responsibility to know the rules and adhere to them in order to avoid penalties or disqualification. A copy of the Rules of Golf will be provided free of charge to any WJGA member.

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Golfer Pairing

WJGA staff will make all pairings for tournament play. Part of the benefit of junior golf is to meet and play with other golfers. Expect that you will not ordinarily be paired with your friends. Tee times and pairings will be communicated 2 days before each event.

Golfing Attire

Proper junior golf attire must be worn. Shirts or caps with offensive imprints are not permitted.

On the Course

Only WJGA junior participants are allowed on the course during WJGA golf tournaments. Friends, caddies, and parents are not permitted on the course during these events. Spectators are permitted during the WJGA Championship, but caddies are not.

Tee Off Times

Age groups will tee off from oldest to youngest, beginning at 8:00 A.M. Tee times and pairings will be communicated 2 days before each event.

Age Groups

Age groups for both boys and girls for tournaments for this year will be as follows:   


16 -18     Division

14 -15     Division

12 -13    18 Hole Division   

12 -13     9 Hole Division   


Conduct in accordance with the traditions of golf will be expected of all WJGA members at all times, both on and off the course.