Chambersburg Country Club

2-Man Scramble



2 Man Scramble - USGA Rules will govern all play.  Both players will tee off from the appropriate tee. The team will select the best drive and both players will play from that spot. The team will continue this process until the ball is holed. Players may not change condition (rough to fairway, bunker to rough) & must play the ball within one grip length of the shot selected.



  Flighting was completed based on team handicaps. The “Overall Champion” will come from the 1st or 2nd Flight (Blue tees).   



1st & 2nd Flight – Blue Tees            3rd & 4th Flight – White Tees


*Those over 60 years old in the 1st & 2nd flight can play white tees,

*Those over 70 years old in the 3rd & 4th flight can play the gold tees


LOCAL RULES:                                  

Flower beds – players may treat flower beds as ground under repair

Stones in Bunkers – Stones may be removed from bunkers; golf ball may not be moved Hole #3– Both the left/right sides of hole are to be treated as a lateral hazard. If ball is believed to be in the hazard, please proceed under normal hazard (red stake) ruling. One Ball Rule NOT in effect. Distance Measuring devices that do NOT measure slope ARE permitted. New local option for out of bounds/lost ball is not in effect.



Prizes will be awarded following the completion of play in the form of golf shop credit.  


  1st Flight 2nd Flight 3rd Flight 4th Flight
1st Place  $     200  $             200  $            200  $     200
2nd Place  $     150  $             150  $            150  $     150
3rd Place  $       90  $               90  $              90  $       90
4th Place  $       40  $               40  $              40  $       40