(Registration Opens 5/28/20)


Welcome to the Couples Twilight 6/18/20 Event Portal





A team is allowed to have a maximum of six couples. Teams can be made up of all members or a combination of members and guests. When signing up for the event, please designate one player on the team to sign up the whole team. When adding players to the team please only register the male players of the team. This allows the proshop staff to make the pairings more managable. If you are signing up as a single couple, the proshop will pair you with a team. If there are any questions regarding registration please call the pro-shop at (307) 235-5777 Ext. 2.




Couples team alternate shot - All men will tee off on the first hole, select the best drive. The ladies will then hit the next shot and select the best shot. Continue to alternate between men and women, always selecting the best shot. 




It's a secret, the game will be determined while the tournament is being played.


Start Time:


5:30 P.M. Shotgun Start